Esper Confirmed by Senate Committee

The President of the United States is putting key people in positions of authority to help make America great.

One of these individuals is none other than Mark Esper, who is a person that is committed to the people of this great nation. He is the favorite choice of President Trump to become the next U.S. Secretary of Defense for the United States.

Not just any person can do this job. They must love America and the people that call it home, and they must stand for the freedoms of all people. The Secretary of Defense will be the one to lead the Pentagon.

Mark Esper has been confirmed by the Senate Armed Services Committee this past week. This is a great honor to be confirmed to this position because it gives Esper the chance to give himself to this great nation.

Mark Esper is no stranger to the military as he gave his life to serve and protect America. He is one of many heroes that have gone out of the way to protect the freedoms that people enjoy today.

Esper was the Acting Defense Secretary that was chosen by Trump to replace Patrick Shanahan this past month.

Esper was quickly asked to fill the role without much hesitation from President Trump because the president saw something in Mark Esper that made him the best choice for the job. Mark loves America, and he wants to see it continue to be great and continue to grow for future generations to come.

The committee moved to put his confirmation to the test as it will be voted on soon before the full Senate where he is expected to pass with flying colors. There is no doubt that many dorky Democrats will vote against him simply because President Trump nominated him.

The dumb Democrats need to learn to put their bias aside and look at the person that stands before them. They should not be judging Esper based on who nominated him. Something the Democrats are highly guilty of.

Even in the committee where Esper was questioned fairly well, he faced opposition from demonic Democrats like Elizabeth Warren. Wacky Warren challenged Esper’s refusal to pull himself away for all the issues that surround Raytheon.

This is the contractor where Esper served as a lobbyist before officially joining and serving in governmental offices. Esper had a reply that shows his commitment and heart as he told wacky Warren that his ethics would not allow him to pull away from Raytheon.

Esper is a man that lives by his convictions as he dully pointed out that he is “fully committed to living up to my ethics commitments.”

This is a person that should be serving in a key position in leadership. He is not afraid to do what is right even when others around him are pressuring him down another path.

President Trump has the same commitment to the people of the country. He is not afraid to stand up to those that seek to destroy America such as the AOC. He puts them in their place and exposes them for the frauds they are.

Mitch McConnell speaks highly of Mark Esper as he stated that he is “a man of honor and integrity, dedicated to our nation and committed to the men and women who serve in uniform. I urge my colleagues to join me in supporting his confirmation as soon as it can reach the floor.”

The Pentagon has been without a leader for over a year. Esper will be the first one to permanently hold the position since James Mattis stepped down.

The people of the military and the United States are hungry for leaders that have integrity and are not afraid to stand up to the tyranny of all types. Esper is the person that can get the job done.

He supports the President without compromise, and they get along just fine. President Trump has done an outstanding job finding men and women that are more than qualified to serve in various roles around the nation in government.