Fear Mongering: Conspiracy Most Likely With the Coronavirus

The evidence is almost overwhelming on how this conspiracy theory over the outbreak and fear of the coronavirus is more political than anything else.  There is a much bigger threat than the deadly virus, and it is the “deep state.”

Supporters of the President can see this clearly as the evidence is visible.  Others feel there is something not right on what we are being told, but most Americans are not quick to call it a conspiracy.  Then, there is just plain ignorance, or the sheep being led to the slaughter.

America only has confirmed 53 cases as of Tuesday from the CDC.  Almost 82,000 have cases have been confirmed from all over the world, with most of the number being in China.  The Democrats put on one hell of a show, but they cannot fool the hardcore supporters of President Trump.

With the evidence of the coronavirus showing it comes from Wuhan, China, there are questions unanswered and are made quick to shut down when asked.  Looking at the whistleblower doctor who tried to warn people of the outbreak ends up dead of the disease, a red flag is drawn.  This, in itself, caused an uproar with the Chinese people and the government.

Theories also show that the virus was originated in a lab and not in a food store, as first mentioned.  Lawmakers in America who wanted answers were denied.  Another red flag has drawn up to everyone’s attention.  Now, there is no sign of any articles of news bearing this information.  It has been silenced and shut off like a light switch.  Why?

An official from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. Nancy Messonnier, is the sister of Rod Rosenstein.  This official is opening up a can of worms while announcing the outbreak.

But get this, Rosenstein is the former deputy attorney general who was in charge of the Mueller probe.  He was also caught in the act of trying to have Trump removed.

Dr. Messonnier is the head of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.  It was her announcement to the world which forced the President to take further action, and the “deep state” took that information and made Trump look like he doesn’t care.  Trump stated plain and clear, the outbreak is “very well under control.”

So is it really something we need to be afraid of?  Of course not!  There only 53 people since the coronavirus was made known to the world from China.  President Trump put a task force team to combat the virus, and everything is being taken care of.

So who was the first one to catch on to this conspiracy?  None other than our beloved Rush Limbaugh!  Between Limbaugh and the publisher of the Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, they have taken over Twitter, spilling the beans.

Another one to let the world know is Wayne Dupree who is a conservative pundit who wrote in his recent blog post, “Rod Rosenstein as we all know definitely worked to undermine the Trump administration, which is oddly exactly what his sister is doing by undermining the more logical and calm message the president’s team has issued on the virus.”

Another food for thought would be to ask ourselves, what is the one thing the Democrats cannot debate toe to toe with against the President?  The economy.  We see now how the stock markets are falling after the biggest spike in over 50 years with the economy soaring.

President Trump tweeted about the media and the Democrats on how they are playing the field right now.  He posted, “Low Ratings Fake News MSDNC (Comcast) & @CNN are doing everything possible to make the Caronavirus look as bad as possible, including panicking markets, if possible.”

The President’s tweet followed Limbaugh announcing, “There’s nothing unusual about the coronavirus.”  He compared the coronavirus to the “common cold.”  The “Deep State” is making this out to be worse than it really is.

Another well known Pro-Trumper, Brad Parscale had this to say about China and the World Health Organization, “The World Health Organization is a case study of how the Chinese Communist Party infects supposedly apolitical institutions.”

Those who believe the conspiracies, see a chain reaction from the “Deep State” as all of these hate-filled attacks on our President continue to go about in the same manner.  It is time all this comes to an end.  Trump supporters must remain on track and vote these people out of office!