Florida Governor Refused to Follow Mandates Now Has Well Over 7,000 Cases of Coronavirus

Florida has now become another hotspot stated added to the list.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis put out an order at the end of last week to begin screening motorists from Louisiana and New York who may have the coronavirus and get them in quarantine for 14 days.

All that was fine and dandy except for one crucial factor he neglected to do.  He did not follow federal guidelines when it came to requesting people to follow the mandates.  Now what started out as only 19 cases has blown up to over 7,000 cases of people in Florida infected.

When the virus started making its way around America, Florida only had 19 confirmed cases.  Four days ago, the number was 3,274.  Wednesday, that number skyrocketed to 6,741 confirmed cases.

We have all come to the realization playing the blame game does no good, but the governor of Florida could have avoided these numbers if he would have taken the proper precautions.

At the end of Tuesday, Florida reported 857 people were in hospitals, and the death toll was at 85.  Almost overnight, the state of Florida turned brown on the CDC map.

This means there are over 5,000 cases confirmed.  They are now added to the list of New York, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, and Louisiana.

What makes Florida different from the other states?  Florida is the only state which was not under orders to “stay-at-home.”  People were allowed to come and go freely, and the businesses did not change like the rest of the world.  This is sad.  Common sense definitely does not live in that state.

Certain locations were required to shut down in Florida, but it does no good if some places of non-essential are not in the categories to close.  The more people gather, the more the virus spreads.  Now, we can all use Florida as an example.

Now the governor of Florida wants to issue the “stay-at-home” order.  Too little, too late.  This virus has been around for quite some time.  Though it has only been known to be spreading over these last few months, it has done horrific damage.

Governor DeSantis put out a press conference to point the finger at the White House.  He claims the White House never claimed to have told him to issue an order for the entire state to stay at home.  DeSantis only issued certain areas of the state.

DeSantis stated, “I’m in contact with the White House coronavirus task force, and I’ve said, ‘Are you recommending this?’  The task force has not recommended that to me.  If any of those task force folks tell me that we should do X, Y or Z, of course, we’re going to consider it.”

Here is the catchphrase, in the beginning, there was no need to call on the order for the entire state, but as a leader sees the numbers start to grow, they need to do something for the entire state.  At the start, President Trump called Governor DeSantis, “a great governor who knows exactly what he’s doing.”

Now we are not so sure it was such a great idea now that the numbers have grown out of control.  Almost all of the governors had issued orders for their entire states when the numbers reached the double digits.

On March 20, Governor DeSantis had reporters crammed in a room like a bunch of sardines in a can.  This week the reporters were six feet away from each other and following the mandates set by the federal government.

So how bad is it in Florida?  Mary Ellen Klas, Tallahassee bureau chief for the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times, requested social distancing at the last news conference.  She was banned from the conference last week and the one from this week.

Criticism was happening long before the governor’s poor judgments on the mandates.  When people were concerned about the party-goers on spring break, the governor left the decision up to the local governments.

Governor DeSantis stated at his news conference, “I was flying out of Miami yesterday looking at beaches with signs saying they were closed.”

He continued, “Were there people out there? Damn, right there were!  It’s really up to the locals to deal with them one way or the other.  It’s just unfortunate, but no matter what you do, you’re going to have a class of folks who are going to do whatever the hell they want to.”