Food Banks are Running Dangerously Low

The United States is under a lot of stress. Every industry has been hit hard with the reality that a tiny virus can disrupt society and bring its economy to its knees. People are learning that nothing in life is secure as they think it is.

The Democrats are going crazy because they are losing any control of things that they once thought was in their power to dictate. But when things seem helpless some rise to the challenge and provide aid and hope to people in need.

This is what makes America great. It is the men and women that selfishly give of themselves for the benefit of other people. Before President Trump stepped into office the greedy Democrats had strangled the ability for people to help each other with regulations and restrictions.

But President Trump changed all of that in the first few years of office. He developed an economy that allowed people to have excess money and food to the point that they were able to help out people in need.

Places like the San Antonia Food Bank led by President Eric Cooper makes it possible for people to keep food on their tables. The demands of millions of people needing food are beginning to strain the ability of food banks around the country to provide that help.

Millions of families have one or more of wage-earning adults out of work. This is largely because of the coronavirus social distancing laws being enforced. Small businesses are not able to pay their employees because they have had to close.

Cooper stated that “Our volunteers have been fantastic, really rallying, in some ways putting themselves at risk. We operate under the COVID-19 protocols, keeping distance with masks and gloves. Families drive through these pop-up distributions in their cars. But the fatigue that is setting in, it’s the amount of work to meet the demand that is causing us to reach out to the Texas National Guard … to get help because it’s a crisis.”

The food banks are struggling not only with keeping food on the shelves, but they are also wearing themselves out. The constant strain on volunteers working long days for nothing is making many of them rethink their time allocation to helping people. This is the reason that they are having to reach out to the National Guard.

The Democrats continue their efforts to extend the agony and pain of keeping the businesses shut down. They keep crying that the virus will come back and make people sick again. Their allegations have no facts to back them up.

At some point, President Trump is going to have to allow people to work again. The longer people are out of work the greater the strain will be on food banks around the country.

Cooper has already had to ask for $12 million from the federal government to buy more food for the families that line up around the block every day. The line gets so long that it stretches for blocks around his building.

He maintains that “We don’t feel like we will have enough food to meet this unprecedented demand, and those [federal aid] checks that are coming, people are going to have to eat in the meantime. I think our lines are going to be long for many food banks across the U.S.”

The greatness of America comes out when the people of the communities donate their food items to fill in the gap. Food banks all around the country are getting help from their neighbors.

They are showing how great America really is. President Trump put people back to work so they can help others in a time of need. He delivered on his promise to make America great.

American food banks take care of where the food stamp program has issues.  Cooper stated that “The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [SNAP] now, it’s our nation’s safety net against hunger. But when families aren’t working, they don’t have any income and so that food supplement doesn’t cover their food needs. That’s why there are many lines for us at food banks.”

President Trump put so many people back to work that there was no need for them to get food stamps anymore. This allowed the program to recover from the bloated Democrat ruling for years. And now it and the food banks are helping the millions of people weather the storm until things get better.