Forced Vaccine Before Work is the New Reality

The liberals have lied all along about the need for wearing a mask. They have tried to undermine the rollout of a vaccine for the virus. They have the need to control everything. And now it seems that they want to control the when and how the vaccine is supposed to be rolled out.

The continuation of their quest for power comes by way of liberal health officials. The forced lockdowns, forced facial coverings, forced social distancing, and cancelation of life were their previous acts of aggression.

The Democrats used the virus as a means to commit fraud and steal the election. They pushed to keep people at home and away from the voting booths so they could manipulate the ballot count by creating hundreds of thousands of fake ballots for Joe Biden.

The thought that is on every American’s mind centers around the vaccine. On three different occasions, the nation has seen the freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution maliciously trampled on by the Democratic Party by the different forced methods of viral containment. Everyone wants to know if the vaccine will be forced on people and mandated by the liberals should they ever gain real power.

Liberal leaders are quick to downplay any vaccine developed by the Republican administration. But, as soon as a liberal takes control, they will be quick to accept it is legitimate.

The forced immunization of American’s will happen in the workplace. The socialist liberal regime will force employers to mandate vaccination of all their employees. Failure to comply will mean termination from their jobs.

Jay Rosenlieb, a partner and chair of the Labor and Employment Group at Klein DeNatale Goldner law firm, stated, “This idea that vaccines can be mandated is well-established.” And David Barron, who is with Cozen O’Connor, stated, “I fully expect there will be employers that choose to make it mandatory.”

The next wave of forced compliance is weeks away. The liberals are behind the mandate. Just like they were behind the great mask lie and the social distance lie.

One business owner named Holly Smith stated that “I believe in civil liberties, but we have people who live with their parents. We have people who live with a husband who has diabetes. There are people who have immunocompromised folks in their immediate bubble.”

Smith believes that to save people, forced immunization must take place. There is no choice with her. This is the one vaccine that is going to be forced on people. And what is terrifying about the liberal lie is that they are not including any of the other vaccines used to stop other more terrible diseases. They are just pushing this one drug.

The real intent of the liberal party came by the lips of the crazy lawyer Alan Dershowitz. He stated, “Let me put it very clearly: you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread the disease, even if you disagree. You have no right not to be vaccinated…. And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.”

Dershowitz’s statement is socialist to the core. Forcing people to comply with a governmental mandate is communism. China likes to take all of its people and shoot things into the bodies. Drugs that are known to kill people are at least slow the growth of their population. But there is never any mention of these acts because their socialist media silences all the stories. Just like the liberal media does in America.

The Democrats will not stop until every American is fitted with a microprocessor for control. They would love to monitor people and what things they are engaging in. Once that person speaks out against the establishment, a liberal pushes a button, and that person drops dead from a microchip poisoning.

These are the kinds of things that the Democrats are trying to get pushed on to the people. In order for them to be able to mandate and remove freedoms, they must first get rid of the conservatives living in America. Their hatred of freedom is their defining mark, and it should not surprise the nation that they want to destroy the Constitution of the United States.