Gabbard Won’t Let Go of Her Vendetta Against Hillary

For some, the feud between Hillary Clinton and Hawaiian Representative Tulsi Gabbard may seem futile and pointless. After all, it’s not like Hillary is even in the presidential race at present. Others may point out that it all seems to be rather one-sided. Hillary said something rather judgmental of Gabbard, and the poor woman just can’t seem to let it go.

But for many others, even those who won’t likely vote for her, Gabbard’s continued attacks on Clinton are nothing if not justified and long overdue. Furthermore, they speak the truth of an “establishment” that has all but ruined this nation and what it stands for.

And last Tuesday, Gabbard made this exact point while speaking to comedian Joe Rogan on his video series, the “Joe Rogan Experience.”

The two-and-a-half-hour-long conversation focused on Hillary’s insinuation in October that Tulsi Gabbard seemed to be a Russian asset or was at least favored by the Russians and therefore might be being “groomed” to be a third-party candidate to upset the 2020 election.

But as Rogan points out, there seems to be no evidence of this assumption by Clinton.

He asked Gabbard, “How does someone who was running for president and is one of the most prominent politicians in our country (Hillary), how do they get away with saying something that’s such a huge accusation with no information to back it up?”

To which Gabbard replied, “It would be a good question for a normal person, but when you look at the power of the Clinton machine when you look at the power of the political establishment, which is made up of people who are either part of the Clinton so-called family… or built on this foundation that she, Hillary Clinton, laid.”

What Gabbard is implying here is that for an average person, these accusations would be immediately called out as unfounded and ridiculous. But for someone as powerful and well-invested in the Democratic government as Hillary, it’s rather easy.

Unfortunately, those who have helped her build this establishment and seek to keep it in power, pretty much consider her words as truth, regardless of just how un-factual or even hurtful they may be.

Gabbard told Joe that Hillary could “get away with” just about anything “without any evidence…whatsoever” to back herself up. And she said that the “media establishment” was, in part to blame for this.

She said, “When you look at the media establishment pushing a lot of the same narrative and a lot of the same message, then you can see how someone gets away with calling a sitting member of Congress, a candidate for president, a soldier actively serving in the National Guard, veteran of two Middle East deployments, basically a traitor of the country that I love and that I’m willing to lay my life down for. And to get away with it without any evidence or basis whatsoever.”

Both Joe and Gabbard noted that they found it to be “the most bizarre thing” that not only did Hillary get away with these remarks but that hardly anyone said a word to the contrary besides Gabbard and few select 2020 candidates.

Gabbard mentioned that allowing Clinton’s accusations to go unanswered “sends a message” that anyone who challenges the political establishment that is the Clintons, they “can be smeared” into oblivion.

She said, “The danger here of what she did and how the media responded and how almost every single other candidate for president refused to comment to denounce what she said…The fact that that was the response really has a chilling effect on our freedom of speech in this country.”

She continued, “And it sends a message that whether it’s Tulsi Gabbard or any other American or any other veteran who dares stand up and challenge the establishment… then you too can be smeared. Your character can be smeared.”

And she is exactly right. No, we might not agree with everything Gabbard is for or even her idea of becoming president. But we have to be willing to stand up to those who, for far too long, have called the shots and the wrong ones at that. If we don’t, we simply let them get away with murder, the murder of our nation.

We have to let them know they are not untouchable, and they will be called to justice for their crimes. And it looks like Gabbard is leading the charge.