Gingrich Proves That Trump’s Tweet About AOC is Right

The comment that President Trump made about Cortez and her band of outlaws is correct. They should be back to where they came from.

His comment was met with a lot of resistance as the crazy liberals and menacing media bought into what Newt Gingrich says is a brilliant strategy regarding the thinking of President Trump.

President Trump is a brilliant man that can out-think and think ahead of his opponents. Newt Gingrich has stated this about Trump “It is useful to remember Trump doesn’t play tic-tac-toe. He plays chess, and he’s very often setting up a much deeper fight than you might think, looking at the surface.”

A president is a man that has already out-thought his rivals. When he dealt the blow to Mexico to either help with the border issue or face tariffs he knew that they would help. He knew how to get them to the table.

Gingrich mentions that the AOC women do not see the real purpose behind Trump’s comments as they are crying about it being racially biased. But in reality, he has gotten the AOC and the Democrats to come together in their hatred for him.

Something he wants the world to see. He got them to do exactly what he wanted them to do. Now people know that the deceptive Democrats are the ones pushing the socialist ideals and pushing hatred of Israel into the public eye.

Terrorist supporter Ilhan Omar and wormy Cortez are President Trump’s favorite targets because they are naive enough to buy into what he is trying to do.

All President Trump had to do was wait for the right moment to get his little Democrat pawns to do his bidding. When the AOC and the Democrats were fighting about Pelosi he tweeted his comments about everyone and got the reaction he was looking for.

Some people believe the AOC baby girls are not worth the president’s time and effort to expose them for the frauds they are. But the president sees an opportunity and President Trump never turns down an opportunity.

He sees an opportunity to destroy the Democratic Party and expose many of its members as the frauds they are. And he is doing an excellent job at it.

Pelosi has been lying and telling people that the Democrats are not the AOC. But they are the AOC. The AOC is not a new group of political activists seeking to overtake America.

They are the Democrats trying to invent a new hatred group designed to rattle the Republicans cage. But they are failing at it big time. The only thing they are getting is being laughed at by the world.

The Democrats are like a knitting club that showed up to play full-contact football with no pads. They are going to get destroyed on President Trump’s playing field.

Gingrich points out the no one is going to believe that Trump is racist except those that already hate him. He mentions that there was nothing racist in the comment in the first place.

President Trump is playing a game that is highly effective, and he will once again come out victorious because the dumb Democrats do not know how to play football. All they know how to do is knit.

Pelosi and her nursery of Democratic babies are going to get their feelings hurt over and over the longer they challenge Trump. There will be a lot of crying and fighting with each other because they do not know how to work with Trump.

President Trump is not playing board games. He has a country to improve and a world to train to be fair, and he needs people that are willing to work. He does not need a bunch of crybaby Democrats getting in the way.

President Trump is a brilliant man that knows how to handle people. When the media leads people to believe that Trump is failing he is winning the war.

He knows that he will win in 2020, and he is setting up the Democrats to lose big in the next election. The Republicans will win big next year and the nation will finally move forward the way it should.