Harris Blames Others as Her Presidential Campaign Fails

It wasn’t long ago that the headlines of nearly every major media outlet in the country sang the praises of Senator Kamila Harris as she traveled the road towards the White House. However, if we look around at those same headlines now, it is not Harris’ name that we find but just about anyone else’s instead.

In fact, I’m pretty sure Jr House of Representative members such as Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib have earned more mentions than Harris in the past weeks. And that is separate, not combined.

So where has the fiery Harris run off to? Is she hiding somewhere or fall of the face of the earth?

No, it seems she is still here. It’s just that, well, she has fallen into oblivion and her presidential campaign with it.

In early July, she was recorded to have 15.2 percent of the Democratic Party’s support, according to Real Clear Politics polling average. At the time, that put her squarely in the number two position. She had just completed the second of a commanding performance in the Democratic debates. People were proud to vote for her. She proved she could stand up for herself and make others, even 30- and 40-year political veterans look like kittens in comparison to her fire.

But it didn’t last.

Apparently, she does well at performing but not so much at proposing robust policies or proving that she will actually do what she claims she will.

Take her criminal justice reform ideas, for instance.

During her campaign, she has been a strong advocate for decriminalizing marijuana, depopulating the over-crowded state and federal prisons, and lessening charges and sentences for those who have committed non-violent crimes. In addition, she is also fighting for the elimination of the death penalty.

Many leftists like these ideas and want to have them implemented throughout the nation. But with a past such as hers, it seems that Harris might not be the best choice to follow through with those. After all, the Democratic field is crowded with candidates, all promising very similar if not precisely the same policies.

And Harris, well, it wasn’t long ago that she was known for her iron criminal justice fist and not the soft, padded cuffs she seems to prefer now. This is the same woman who put thousands away for drug possession charges in San Francisco, where she was district attorney and then attorney general for several years. During that time, she was asked in an interview if she thought the drug should become legal and she laughed out loud. Yes, she actually laughed and said no.

And she is the same woman who, when she had a chance to get rid of the death penalty in her home state because a federal judge ruled it as unconstitutional, she fought to keep it in play. Yet, when push came to shove, she wouldn’t use it to punish a murderer who had killed one of her own police officers.

With all of this in her past, and yet claiming to want the opposite, it’s not so hard to believe that her fellow Democrats would begin to look elsewhere. So we aren’t surprised that her polling averages have gone down as a result.

So what is her polling average now? Well, according to recent polls by Real Clear Politics, she has less than 5 percent, which puts her in a very distant 5th place.

But she has something to say about that. She wants to lay the blame for her failing campaign solely at the feet of… Americans.

Yep, she told Axios on HBO that the biggest problem with her campaign is that Americans are racist and sexist against her and that they apparently aren’t ready for a woman to be president.

She said, “I have also started talking about what I describe and what I believe to be the elephant in the room about my campaign.” She continued, “Essentially, is America ready for a woman, a woman of color, to be president of the United States?”

Well, let me just say her race isn’t the problem. Otherwise, Obama wouldn’t have been president for eight years. As to her gender, Senator Elizabeth Warren is currently holding second place in the race, and she’s a female. And Hillary Clinton was nearly voted into office in 2016. So it’s not her gender either.

It sounds like Harris just can’t hack it. After all, America needs someone who will fight, not change her beliefs to get more votes.