Hecklers Confront Joe Biden at a New Hampshire Event

While former Vice President Joe Biden is comfortably ahead of his Democratic rivals nationally, he is falling short in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg leads in Iowa and socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is on top in New Hampshire. Thus, Biden is campaigning in the early states to shore up his poll numbers and, hopefully, not lose in both states, harming his momentum.

According to Fox News, Biden was at an event in Milford, New Hampshire when things started to go sideways.

“Shortly after Biden started speaking, a man in the back of the room accused him of acting inappropriately, shouting, don’t touch kids, you pervert.”

“This is not a Trump rally,” a flustered Biden fired back. “This is a democracy.”

A woman then started chanting ‘quid pro Joe,’ before another attendee shouted at the 2020 hopeful, inquiring about Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine.

The first heckler was referring to Biden’s tendency to touch people at public events, especially women and girls, which many find to be inappropriate and even cringe-worthy. The behavior, which some might think is an absent-minded, affectionate habit from an elderly gentleman, can be explosive in the #metoo era.

Biden has even attempted to make light of his behavior, according to the Huffington Post, as he did during one town hall event in New Hampshire earlier in 2019.

“I just want you to know, I had permission to hug Lonnie,” Biden told the crowd, referring to Lonnie Stephenson, who introduced him at the event.

Later during the event, he invited a group of kids to appear with him on stage, shaking their hands and putting his arm around one boy’s shoulders. “By the way, he gave me permission to touch him,’ Biden said.”

Most pundits suggest that how one feels about Biden’s public behavior depends on how one feels about the man. His enemies on the right and the left point to it as evidence that he is a creepy, dirty old man who ought not to be let out in public. His friends and the polls suggest that he has a lot of those, counter that his touching people is just a charming eccentricity that doesn’t mean anything untoward.

The other hecklers, however, were referring to a far more serious matter, involving allegations that Biden’s son Hunter had gotten a job at a Ukrainian natural gas company solely because he was the offspring of the then vice president. The media has play interference for him, claiming that there is nothing to see here. Yet, questions remain.

For one thing, everyone has seen the infamous video in which Biden boasted of having held up aid money from Ukraine until that country fired a prosecutor who, perhaps coincidentally, was investigating Hunter Biden and his sweetheart job with the gas firm. Biden was quite demonstrative about the exercise of hardball, raw political power he exercised.

The Bidens and the allegations of quid pro quo and corruption have, in some manner that most have difficulty understanding, led to the impeachment of the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Trump stands accused of pressuring Ukraine to investigate and perhaps prosecute Hunter Biden, using military aid as leverage. The reason is given that this is an impeachable offense is that Joe Biden is a political rival of Trump’s and thus Trump was using the power of the presidency for personal, political gain.

The allegations of corruption on the part of Joe Biden has not, thus far, damaged his standing in the polls. However, impeachment, ironically, contains more peril for the former vice president than it does the sitting president.

No one, even those who voted for impeachment, expects Trump to be removed from office. However, a Senate trial may involve both or either Biden being called as witnesses and being called to account for their actions.

Biden, for his part, has been somewhat coy as to whether or not he would obey a subpoena to appear at a Senate trial. At first, he claimed that he would ignore such a demand that he testify. However, USA Today is reporting that Biden has flip-flopped and is now suggesting that he would obey such a subpoena.

Thus, both Biden’s behavior toward any female he happens to be in the same room with him and his possible backroom wheeling and dealing on behalf of his son Hunter is haunting his quest for the presidency. Some voters, at least, are making known that they haven’t forgotten.