Highlights from the First Democratic Presidential Debate

The first of the Democratic debates for the 2020 Presidential Campaign is over. The debate included 20 leftist candidates split between two nights.

Each night the candidates “debated” for around two hours, hashing out changes they would like to see come about if they were placed in the White House and, of course, slamming one another for just about anything from past mistakes to current world views. 

If you missed either or both nights, here are some of the main highlights of the event. 

First Night

The top-polling candidate on Wednesday night’s stage was Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and she quickly led the debate. The first half hour was all her. She was asked four questions before most others had even been asked two.

One of Warren’s main takeaways from the night was her thoughts on ‘Medicare for All,’ to which she replied, “I’m with Bernie of ‘Medicare for all.’” However, she did make attacks on Sander’s plan for how to achieve it. 

As with any debate, the idea is to render your opponents as useless on specific issues. That was certainly the case for the two Texans on stage.

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro made it very clear that he was not a fan of his fellow Texan, former Representative Beto O’Rourke and the hashed it out quite vehemently over the topic of immigration.

Castro said O’Rourke hadn’t done his “homework” on the issue. O’Rourke took the most hits of the night, being pummeled by not only Castro but also Warren and New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

It was also a night for women and Spanish. 

Three women took the stage the first night and combined with the three to be on stage the second night, there more women in a presidential debate than ever before. 

And not one but three of the candidates answered questions in Spanish, letting the public know that they could relate to the Hispanic community at least on some level.

Each candidate who spoke in Spanish made sure to follow it with the English equivalent. 

Second Night

The main take away from the second night of debates was California’s Senator Kamala Harris and her thrashing of former vice president Joe Biden.

She, while stating, “I do not believe you are a racist,” made it clear that he knew nothing of race and the pain it caused. She went on to destroy his civil rights record and in particular his work with busing programs in the 1970s, in which she had direct contact with, as she herself was bused into school each day as part of being integrated into white schools.

She also made sure to remind him of his recent and “very hurtful” comment about his work with segregationist senators. 

Biden was quick to defend himself but also seemed timid and flustered at times in the wake of Ms. Harris’ attack. Instead of interjecting, he raised his hand numerous times and even cut himself short once when his time ran out. 

Senator Bernie Sanders also seemed rather shy in comparison to most on stage, raising his hand quite a few times.

While his ideas are ones that most agreed on and many candidates have taken on themselves, he himself did not stand out in the least, as many expected him to do. 

The Debates Overall

What has seemed to make itself the most evident for both nights is that the Democratic party as a whole is definitely swinging much farther left than it has in recent years. Just look at Sanders.

His ideas have been seen by many for many years as being socialist and of the far-left wing. However, his ideas are the ones being mainly promised. 

Healthcare for all is just one example and all 10 candidates on Thursday night’s stage said they would allow illegal immigrants access to such healthcare.

It’s no wonder why they are pouring into our southern border, we’re giving them free everything, while Americans pay the price for it. 

Candidates who have taken a more moderate road such as Biden, Senator Michael Bennett, and former governor John Hickenlooper, both from Colorado, seem to have been pushed aside and left in the dust. 

And of those left-wing extremists, it seems the women have risen to the top, with both Warren and Harris making it clear they are not going to be pushed around or be forgotten.