House Conservatives Angry Over Pelosi’s Decisions

Since Democrats have controlled the House of Representatives under “The Wicked Witch of the West,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, top conservatives are raising their concerns as the minority are being pushed aside.

Laws have been broken under the partisan rule of the House, and the Constitution is being thrown out the window with these crazy Democrats. Republicans feel it’s past time to get to work, and the Democrats are playing around.

Democrats are calling for remote hearings and everything to be done from their luxurious homes with refrigerators full of ice cream. They are trying to keep themselves out of the spotlight as all of the documentation is being declassified to the public.

The filthy Democrats also are working toward a mail-in voting system to steal the elections. They are using this opportunity to get what they want and hold on to power and control for as long as they can. The American people are witnessing all of this corruption, and the House Republicans are fed up with these childish games.

Republican Representative Jody Hice is leading a group in which 39 GOP House members signed a letter to both sides of the House leaders. House Republicans are being silenced as hearings and briefings are going to be taking place. GOP members will also be barred from calling in their witnesses to testify.

Here we go again! Democrats control the House, and they are throwing out Republicans to remove any form of legal activity. The letter was addressed to the House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rules Committee ranking member Republican Tom Cole, and Rules Committee Chairman Democratic Jim McGovern.

The letter reads as follows, “One, particularly concerning the proposal, is the change to the committee process within Sec. 4 of H. Res. 965. As you are aware, many House committees have continued good, bipartisan work over the last several months even while normal business has been suspended due to the coronavirus. Committee members have regularly participated in telephone and video briefings with Executive Branch agency officials working diligently on the front lines of this crisis.”

The letter continued, “However, it has come to our attention that some committees have begun to ostensibly use this briefing process as an indirect method to carry out hearings absent the normal protocols and rules. Briefings have featured opening statements, witness testimony, and Member questions, essentially functioning as official committee hearings in all but name. Most concerningly, the minority has often been shut out of the witness selection process altogether and has not been provided written copies of witness testimony in advance of these meetings.”

Democrats are taking the COVID-19 pandemic and politicizing it to their advantage. This is not how our country works. But Democrats have always dreamed of a socialist nation. Everything is being exposed for what it truly is, and the further along this goes, the worse it gets.

Lawmakers added, “With the revelation that H. Res. 965 will further alter the traditional committee process, it is vital that the rights of the minority are preserved. As many committees continue to shift toward operating on a remote basis, both the letter and spirit of committee rules and procedures must be followed as closely as possible. Committee chairpersons should not use these unique circumstances to bypass minority member rights by holding briefings’ to circumvent the normal process.”

It concluded, “During your important continued work on this task force, we ask for you to fully institute committee rules, process, and procedures that fully respect the long-standing rights of the minority.”

We are living in a time when Republicans are fighting the Democrats harder than ever in the history of the United States. The uproar in Michigan is nothing compared to what may happen at the Nation’s Capital if this continues.

People want their freedom and rights to stay intact. The GOP, President Trump, and his administration is the only thing standing in their way to destroying this great nation we call home.

Hice put out this statement, “These are not minor procedural changes. The voices of our constituents must be heard – whether that’s by a member of the minority or majority party. I applaud Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s reasonable plan to safely reopen the House.”

He added, “However, until the House fully resumes normal operations, 39 colleagues have joined me in sending this letter to members of the bipartisan task force, urging them to institute committee rules and procedures that fully respect the minority’s rights.”