House Democrats Licking Their Wounds

With the destruction of the Democratic Party in the near future wormy Ocasio-Cortez is trying to make nice with Nancy Pelosi.

Bigmouth Cortez has been blasting her own joke of a party in recent weeks because they do not see eye to eye on many of the issues that they want to push through by way of bills. Over the past few weeks, the dumb Democrats have been licking their wounds like diseased dogs because they have been an embarrassment to the world.

Wormy Cortez has had to go on record to clarify words that she said about Pelosi. First of all, if a person has to clarify words spoken, then there is a good chance they really meant what they said the first time.

Sorry wormy, no one is going to believe what is said anymore. Cortez’s words were actually true about Pelosi and every other Democrat. They use people and then throw them to the wolves after they get what they want from them.

Cortez stated, “No, no, absolutely not, absolutely not.” These words are spoken to little kids that are trying to get what they want.

But Cortex was trying to say that she does not believe Pelosi is a racist person. Being a Democrat makes a person a racist because they do not care about humanity in general.

Initially, Cortez believes that Pelosi is disrespectful to women of color. At first glance, Pelosi has color too. She is just whiter than the rest. So how does that make her any more or less human than the next person?

The world may never fully understand Democrats demented mind. Ocasio-Cortez really thought that Pelosi was very disrespectful to some people. Of course when wormy yelled at the border agents that was not disrespectful in any way. Just another example of the worm speaking out one side of her mouth and her actions doing something completely the opposite.

Somewhere along the line, Cortez had to have been told to make nice to Pelosi. After all, their positions of power are on the line. The AOC needs the shielding of the Democrats to survive the next election.

The American people despise communistic philosophies and political systems. They have seen what the fake hopes of a socialist nation are all about. The men and women of the American forces fought and died to keep the world from being overrun by such people in World War II.

The AOC is part of the generation that seeks to take the cowardly approach to demoralize a person and tweets about them. That way they really do not have to face the other person and their wrath. Unless they follow each other tweets they will never know what was said.

Ocasio-Cortez is cowardly in her approach to talking to people and confronting them with wrongs done. Pelosi is tired of the AOC and their dogma that is running the Democratic Party into the ground.

Both women have issues that cannot be explained by the science of philosophers. A liberals’ minds are so whacked out that it is impossible to know if they are talking sanely or not. Cortez accused Pelosi of being a person that ignores the American people.

And at the same time, wormy ignored an elderly generation’s sacrifice to freedom as she shunned a Holocaust survivor’s invitation to tour the real concentration camps. Any sane person would have loved to have such an invitation to the concentration camps and just to hear the real stories behind the conditions and the people that were tortured there would be forever changing.

But the Democrats somehow want to blame World War II on the president and the Republicans. Cortez actually believes that the concentration camps were some made-up event that is being used to indoctrinate young people.

The AOC and the Democratic Party are far from being able to work together. They made have made up in voice but in the feeling, they truly hate each other.

The reason is that both want absolute power, and they will do anything to get it. Even if it means tearing each other down. The Democratic Party has seen its better days. Now only dark days are ahead of them as the party drifts into history to finally be forgotten.