How Positive People Enjoy Themselves In Quarantine

As the entire world has to face all these drastic changes to our regular routine and everyday life, many have decided to self- isolate themselves from the world.  Quarantining can be challenging and quite boring if one does not have something to keep their minds occupied.

Many people joke about the coronavirus as a way to deal with the issue at hand.  If we think about it and worry about it 24/7, it will drive us all crazy.  Even the professionals tell us not to watch or follow for more than one to two hours a day.

The internet has come up with thousands of memes to help us laugh through the situation.  In reality, it is not funny, but laughing helps us stay on the bright side of things.  People are doing fun, and funny things as many find ourselves forced to stay home.

We are all forced to social distance ourselves six feet or more from one another, but social media can keep us in close range.  Some who remain home and isolated can also find ourselves becoming claustrophobic.  In these times, the internet can be our best friends.

Many are finding ways to post on social media how they are dealing with the pandemic.  A lot of the videos, memes, and posts are helping the world cope with smiles and laughter.  Life threw us lemons, but the internet is letting us drink the lemonade.

In some of the worst cases, humanity seems to always find a way to become closer as the true meaning of family and friends shine its light.  These times have also forced everyone to slow down almost to a screeching halt.

Families are posting pictures of themselves playing board games from balconies and inside their homes.  Since gatherings have been strongly discouraged, some people have put on indoor concerts for pet rocks.

A lot of things many people took for granted are now forcing us to live up to what life is all about.  Through social distancing, many just stocked up and stayed home.  Now, they are finding themselves lonely and missing their friends and loved ones.

With everyone’s busy lives, people never seemed to find the time to make phone calls, or text one another just to ask the simple question, “How are you doing?”  Everyone is in this together, and something cries out we are not even halfway through this ordeal.

People are putting together pictures of their friends and families in specific ways that they feel close by.  This is a way to help deal with the loneliness many in isolation are feeling.

Those who live in apartments are out on their balconies, talking to one another from the floors around them.  Some even throwing parties where the families are together but separated by the space in between the rooms and floors.

Social media is showing these parties on how Italy is handling the worst form of lockdown.  The same goes for people in Spain who also have a high rate of cases and deaths.  One video shows people in the apartments playing tennis from outside their windows.

People have gone back to the days of creativity when it comes to finding something to do.  Social distancing is not deterring them from having some form of social activity.  The best part about it is they are still doing it safely.

The elderly and the young alike who enjoy Bingo have set up a loudspeaker out of their window, and every day at a certain time, those who wish to play, participate.  Of course, nothing can be won, but just the joy of shouting BINGO is fun enough.  Maybe they will get a prize later, who knows!

The post on Twitter with the people playing Bingo showed the video with the caption reading, “Coming soon to a city, town near you, in Spain, they are playing community bingo to fight boredom during #COVIDー19 quarantine. People are finding so many creative ways to cope with isolation.”

Still, another video was shown from the US where some are getting down with their bad selves.  The caption read, “Today’s first @washingtonpost quarantine TikTok features my Roomba and the voice of Jerry from Cheer.”  The Washington Post video producer Dave Jorgenson put out the video.

Jorgenson also showed how to make a Meme Museum.  These are for the people who can laugh at anything life throws their way.  Music and reading were other ways shown to pass the time.