Huh? Joe Biden Voted on Iraq War “To Prevent a War”?

Former Vice President Joe Biden may very well be the most lost candidate ever to run for President.  The things that come out of this man’s mouth is too far fetched to be real, and it proves he is incompetent and unable to hold the highest office in America.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the top two candidates remaining and running almost neck and neck for the Democratic nomination.  If this is the best the Democrats have to offer their own party, we should have no problems seeing President Donald Trump win the 2020 Presidential Election in a landslide.

First off, Joe Biden ahead of Bernie Sanders as of Monday morning.  The question we can ask ourselves is, does he even know where the first place is?  Biden seldom knows which state he is in and forgets what he is saying in the middle of his speeches.

The latest drawback from the former Vice President is when he discussed the Iraq war.  Biden told MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” he made a “mistake” when he voted in favor of the Iraq war.  He continued saying he “wanted to prevent a war.”  That doesn’t even make any sense.  But then again, neither does anything that comes out of his lying mouth.

The interview took place Monday morning in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The show’s host Lawrence O’Donnell informed Biden there were two soldiers “killed yesterday in Iraq.”  He sat there dumbfounded as always listening to the question.

O’Donnell stated, “You say your vote in the Iraq War was based on the president’s representations that this wasn’t about going to war, this was about presenting a clear threat to Saddam Hussein.”

The host then told Biden what Bernie stated, “Bernie Sanders said, ‘I saw right through that, I knew what George Bush was up to.’  When we look back on it, can we say Senator Bernie Sanders’ judgment on that was better than yours?”

Biden explained, “The threat was to go to war.  The argument was because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, so he said that ‘I need to be able to get the security council to agree to send in inspectors to put pressure on Saddam to find out whether he’s producing nuclear weapons.’ At the time, I said, ‘that’s your reason, alright, I get it.'”

Joe Biden reasserted himself by saying, “The rationale was not to go to war.”  But the bottom line was he voted for the war.  He was caught in a lie and trying to get out of the corner the show’s host had put him in.

Biden continued, “I didn’t believe [Hussein] had those nuclear weapons. I didn’t believe he had weapons of mass destruction.  What happened was we went in, determined that they hyped what in fact was occurring, there was no concrete proof of what he was doing, and they still went to war.”

So Biden gets caught in a lie and then tries to turn everything over to Former President George W. Bush.  This is the same thing he is doing with President Trump as he is working to show Democrats he is the number one candidate.  He is playing the blame game.

Biden went on to say, “It was a mistake to take the word of a president who said he wasn’t going to go to war, and this is a way to avoid going to war.”  He continued, “I acknowledged that 15 years ago.  But the idea that Bernie Sanders’ judgment on foreign policy is superior to mine… I’m anxious to debate him on that.”

And the debate they shall have!  The main question is, how can someone debate a lie and win?  Well… Joe Biden has been lying about Burisma, Ukraine, his son Hunter, China, Obama, and many other issues that are too long to list.

Stuttering over his words and continuously correcting himself is one sure way to spot a lie.  What makes this even more hilarious is it is a Left-leaning news outlet that caught him in the lie.  Democrats dread to have Bernie Sanders as their candidate, and they are leaning toward settling for Joe.

If Joe Biden is to be their candidate of favor among the top two, one would think they would ask him better questions.  Maybe, the Democrats, news media outlets, and Joe Biden are washed up and have no further recollections on which way to turn.  This will leave the crooked party with an open wound.