Human Trafficking Has Made Christmas Hard on Our Children

Human trafficking is a serious problem that is found throughout the United States. Every day little kids are taken from their homes or lured away by dirty men, so they can be sold into sex slavery. Many of the people that are snatching kids are thought to be illegal immigrants from Guatemala.

They all have been arrested in their recent round of sexually abusive behavior. These men and others like them are the dangers that young people today have to deal with. Open borders and bad immigration laws will only add to the problem.

Law enforcement showed up at the place where the child was being abused sexually. The only way that they were found was because one of the kids escaped from the home. When she found help from the police it was later discovered that she had been snatched away for sex trafficking.

This little girl was being raped and abused by dirty men that had every intent on selling the girl into slavery. Her holiday break will be filled with pain and agony because of the devilish actions of these men. This horrible picture is played out again and again when people are let into the country illegally.

Once a search warrant was issued the police showed up in force and took a lot of evidence from the home. The items are believed to have been used to harm this little girl. Every adult in the home was arrested and placed in jail for their actions.

Multiple charges are being pressed on the males that range from second-degree assault to trafficking the child. The sick and horrible actions of these men are the normal practice of some illegals. They have no regard for the laws of America.

In another case, a man that had already been convicted on crimes against children was wearing a device so his location could be tracked. The device was to be worn until his trial date, but the criminal cut the device from his foot and was able to leave.

He was able to get out of jail on pre-trial release deal and left alone to roam. Now he is running from the police. This freakish man is wanted on four different accounts of abusing a minor by raping them. He sexually assaulted the child and did not care about it at all. He got what he wanted out the person.

These are the actions of people that do not value life. They are so selfish and evil that they are willing to abuse others to satisfy their hunger for sin and passion. The illegals in the country are a major threat to everyone. The Democrats are to blame for the problems that have grown out of illegal immigration. They have for years refused to do anything about changing the laws. All they have done is fight against the proposed changes.

ICE is the only organization that has the teeth to do anything about the illegals in the country. They can come in and target people and remove them from the area. ICE needs to have more teeth, so they can override the opposition from city leaders and citizens. The Democrats want to do away with ICE so the illegals can continue to steal American girls and ship them to their homeland as sex slaves.

Some things that ICE has to deal with include dealing with illegals, battle drug pushers, and sex trafficking and so many other horrible things. People that are removed from the country are finding their way back in. President Trump wants to build the security wall to keep this from happening. ICE has also shut down several homes that were being used as “stash houses.” Here illegals were being hidden and moved from one location to another to avoid detection. ICE also has to deal with murderers that have killed with vehicles.

ICE is the organization that has to deal with things that everyday law enforcement does not have to mess with. They need the support of the country to keep everyone safe. The Democrats would love to see that ICE is done away with. But they are the ones that are standing in the gap keeping the true evil from taking over in the country.