Ignorant Ocasio-Cortez Has a Crazy New Agenda

America’s nightmare politician Ocasio-Cortez is at it again. She has tried for over a year to cram the Green New Deal down the nation’s throat and when she finally gave up on it she is now moving to a new agenda.

She has decided to hide her Green New Deal and some other outrageous idea into one massive barf ball call the “Just Society.” This is her version of a socialist utopia where she sits as queen and everyone else must worship at her feet.

In a gagging comment, she stated that she wants to “build a just society to protect our communities and uplift our neighbors.” Tell that to the mini AOC after she was threatened with her life for making fun of Ocasio-Cortez.

This new society would have rules and regulations imposed on all Americans by the wacky liberals. Conservatives and people of faith would be done away with and a new liberal order would be established.

Her barf ball of a statement also went to point out that it would be done by “combating the greatest threats to our country, our democracy, and our planet” economic inequality and climate change.”

And now all of a sudden Ocasio-Cortez is willing to share her massive political salary with the rest of the poor. She has no intention of giving up her money to help the poor. But she would like to take the money from everyone else. Ocasio-Cortez’s stupid deal is a bad mix of socialism and just bad societal ideas. She does not think things all the way through before presenting them.

Ocasio-Cortez would love to redefine the poverty level in America. Under her new plan, any person earning less than $38,000 per year would fall into the poverty category. She would classify these people as needing governmental intervention, so they can exist.

She would see the entire nation dependent on the government for handouts. To see that happen, she has to redefine the ones that need help. Not to forget that to help those in need the government would have to take someone else’s money to give to the poor. This is a bad version of Robin Hood as he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Except the rich become poor and suffer in the process.

Her new proposal also would include a national rent policy. Sounds good except it is socialism at work. It would limit landlords to only being able to raise their rent three percent per year. Areas of the country that have high real estate value would suffer the most.

There would be an instant loss as property owners would have to sell their rentals because they can no longer afford the payments to own them. Dumb Ocasio-Cortez would destroy the housing market overnight. This bill would keep people from wanting to build new homes as it takes away the earning potential of being a property owner.

In a basic act of goodness, she would love to see felons receive governmental aid. Instead of them working hard to make a life for themselves they would become governmental homies looking for a handout.

In a way, they would become government thugs willing to do the bad work the governmental overlords would not want to do to enforce socialism. Innocent people would be harmed if they would not comply with queen Ocasio-Cortez’s wishes. On a brighter note, this part of her plan would force honest people to pay for illegal aliens to live in America free of charge.

She would also take over private businesses. She would love to see a business that does not comply with her demands punished as an example to others willing to defy her orders. She would prioritize and give contracts to the deserving. The private sector would crumble and more people would be stuck bowing to their new governmental overlords.

In a classic example of stupidity and upheaval, Ocasio-Cortez would be responsible for the next revolution to sweep through the country. The wacky liberals would run for their lives as the honest and upright citizens would seize control. Ocasio-Cortez has a new package she is trying to cram down the nation’s throat but the problem is the people are not buying into it this time.