Ilhan Omar Admits She’s Willing to Settle for Biden as “Her” President Even Though He’s Guilty

Ilhan Omar has proven time and again that she’s not focused on what’s best for America. She’s the queen of hidden agendas. Yet, we’re supposed to get excited that she’s decided to endorse Biden as “her” president for 2020. It’s not as though there are a ton of options for her to choose from, though, so it’s not exactly the best endorsement ever.

There are a few problems, however.

Ilhan Omar has always focused on women’s rights. Yet, she’s choosing Joe Biden, a man who has constantly been accused of sexual assault, as her candidate.

Omar is always about what’s convenient at the time. She has said on more than one occasion that it’s okay to delay justice, just not deny it. Oh, and she’s a Congresswoman. Delaying justice is okay? Awesome. So, perhaps, Biden can be properly brought to justice for his sexual assault after he’s done being her president for four years?

Omar is also quick to identify that “if it were up to her,” Biden wouldn’t be her candidate. But it is up to her. Is she saying that the Democratic Party is telling her that she has to vote Joe Biden? There are other candidates. The presidential primaries aren’t entirely over. Plus, there’s always the possibility of a third-party candidate. She doesn’t have to vote Biden if she doesn’t believe that he’s the best candidate for the United States

Omar is taking the easy way out. Biden is her candidate because she’s accepted defeat. For a woman who is willing to fight over virtually any other topic out there, she’s okay with accepting defeat for her presidential candidate.

Then, she’ll complain for another four years when Trump finds himself still in the office. He’ll win because of people like her. The people who complain about Trump and, then, decide that it’s okay to settle for Biden as their candidate. The problem is that Biden isn’t a candidate that is capable of beating Trump. On a good day, he’s not even capable of telling a comprehensible story.

The press is calling Ilhan Omar out on her BS. It’s got to be hard for her. She wants to be a good Democrat and have morals. It’s not going so well, though. She wants to believe survivors…perhaps just not those who are speaking out against Biden? She endorsed against Biden…but will choose him since there’s no one left?

Perhaps the biggest problem is that Ilhan Omar is stuck in a vicious circle of believing a woman and voting for Biden. You can’t do both, because that’s the kind of candidate Joe Biden is.

Tara Reade has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. As a woman who worked for him, she came forward to accuse. She has done it under oath, too.

Ilhan Omar has said she believes Reade.

Let’s break this down. Omar believes Reade’s story. She believes that Reade was sexually assaulted by Joe Biden. Omar has also said that she’s going to vote for Joe Biden.

Ilhan Omar has become the person she hates the most. She is willing to look the other way on truth in order to make others happy. She’ll stand by her Democratic Party because she has no free will. She doesn’t have enough grit to stand on her own and identify that it is wrong to vote for Biden.

She’s willing to put a person who is guilty of sexual assault into the White House simply so that Trump isn’t in office any longer. Her hate of Trump is so significant that she thinks that it’s okay to allow Biden to be the president, despite what he has been accused of.

Ilhan Omar changes her stance on politics as often as the wind changes direction. She hates Biden. She refuses to vote for him. Then, because there’s no one else left, she’s on board. So, she’s settling. And she thinks it’s okay for the rest of the country to settle, too.