Ilhan Omar Back to Attacking People, Playing the Victim

Ilhan Omar is America’s most hated politician. She hates the United States. She hates Israel. And she loves Islamic terrorists. The enemy of the country has repeatedly spoken out against the very country that took her as a refugee from Somalia.

America welcomed her with open arms, and she has turned her back on the people that took her in. Her life could have been an inspiration to people seeking hope in America. But she chooses to throw it all away and become an out-spoken terrorist determined to destroy the country.

Ilhan Omar hates America and Twitter has joined forces with the national idiot. Omar’s competition for the House seat mentioned that she needed to be hanged for her treasonous actions against America. Omar viewed her competition as a threat but in reality, it was a call for the right thing to be done. Ilhan Omar has made treasonous statements against the nation and must answer for them.

Her competitor is Danielle Stella. She stated in her comment that “Treason is the only thing mentioned in the constitution for the death penalty, punishable by hanging or firing squad. I believe all involved should be thoroughly investigated. I did not threaten anyone. If you are calling it a threat – you believe that individual is guilty, and therefore it is not a threat, it’s treason.”

She is correct regarding her comments about treason. And for some reason, Twitter decided to ban her account from being used. Another example of liberal social media playing God when it comes to political matters.

Omar falsely accused her of statements that said she should be killed. In truth, Stella’s comments were made in general and could refer to any person committing treason. Omar would have nothing to worry about if it were not true about herself. The statements that Omar has been making would not have been tolerated at the founding of the United States. She would have been tried for treason.

Stella went on to state about Twitter that “My suspension for advocating for the enforcement of federal code proves Twitter will always side with and fight to protect terrorists, traitors, pedophiles, and rapists.”

She is absolutely right in her comments about liberal social media. Omar has made statements of favor for terrorist nations and groups of thugs. But she only has words of hate for her own country. By her mouth, she has renounced her American citizenship and is ready to return to her native country.

Of course, Omar would reply “People often ask me why I don’t fight back against them often. It’s a valid question, one my team, family and I struggle with. There is just too much, they are too ridiculous and it feels degrading to respond to such stupidity. Also, who has time fact-checking this insanity.”

Omar has just admitted that she does not check the facts. Because she does not care. Stella has stated the facts and they are spot on. If Omar would to check the facts, she would have to admit that she is guilty of what Stella is saying about her.

Omar is a proven socialist terrorist that hates America. She makes claims that things about her are false and that she does not have time to check the facts behind them. The sad thing is that the facts are true, and they are catching up with her. She can deny them for a small period but the truth always wins the day. Omar’s time in Congress is about up, and she will never be heard from again.

President Trump is right with what he has said about Omar and her little click of socialist scum. They all want to destroy America. They all want to see the hard-working farmer and the small business owner destroyed all in the name of toleration.

Omar’s plan of a new America would see the country ruled by the Islamic state. She would see all freedoms destroyed because she hates America. Her time in Congress is finished. And it is time for the nation to show her the exit.