Impeachment Effort Hilariously Backfires on Democrats Again

Just to warn you ahead of time, this story has a punchline that you will never see coming. In case anyone missed it, rabid anti-Trump Democrats in the House forced a vote on the impeachment of President Trump on July 17, 2019. It failed in hilarious and humiliating fashion. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been furiously trying to avoid an impeachment vote all year because it’s bad for fundraising. Plus, if Representatives are forced to vote on impeachment, then the public will know which Democrats actually believe that the president should be impeached, and which ones are blustering for campaign donations and/or votes. 

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) submitted Articles of Impeachment against the President of the United States for his “racist comments” related to the big “send her back” flapdoodle. Never mind the fact that even if Trump had made racist comments (Spoiler alert: He did not.), that doesn’t seem to qualify under the Constitution as a High Crime or Misdemeanor. Green forced a vote on his resolution, hoping to capitalize on a groundswell of positive media coverage. The result? The House voted to table the Articles of Impeachment, 332 to 95. It wasn’t even close.

Still, Congressman Green wants you to know what a great person he is for attempting to invalidate the votes of 64 million people on a frivolous measure. Al Green is a much better person than you. In fact, if you oppose impeaching Donald Trump, Congressman Green will call you a racist as well. He is so positive that Donald Trump deserves to be impeached that the Texas congressman was already talking about impeachment before Trump took the Oath of Office in January of 2017.

So, who is this morally superior Democrat congressman, you might be wondering? The media wants you to think that Al Green is just a loyal, ordinary rank-and-file Democrat. The details of Green’s personal life are really boring to reporters. Why would you even ask about him? If you look too closely at Congressman Green’s past, you might have some questions for him.

Green served as a justice of the peace in Harris County, Texas for 26 years after he graduated from law school. He ran for mayor of Houston in 1981 and lost, coming in at fifth among five Democrat candidates. He also served as the head of the NAACP in Houston for several years. He’s been in public office for his entire adult life.

Al Green was finally was elected to Congress in 2005. He immediately went straight to work by forcing an employee to have sex with him, according to her allegations in 2007. Your tax dollars at work! After the congressman grew tired of that particular employee, she threatened to go public with her allegations against him if he didn’t pay her a bunch of money. He filed a lawsuit against the woman and then the whole sordid affair just sort of vanished into thin air. But the suit that Green filed against the woman is public record.

In order to prove that the employee he was allegedly forced to have sex with him was trying to extort money from him, Green submitted a voicemail from the employee as evidence. In that voicemail, the employee asks Congressman Green if the cocaine was “straight off the ki” (kilo), or if it had been “cut” with anything. 

A kilogram of pure, uncut cocaine in Washington, DC can run as high $40,000 in the current market. So, you can see why Congressman Green might want to dilute it to be more cost-effective if he’s sexually exploiting an employee!

Here’s a fun trick that you can try at home any time a morally preening Member of Congress suddenly starts talking down to everyday Americans or the president that we lawfully elected: Spend 30 seconds researching their background, which is what we did for this article on Al Green. When you do that, you’ll suddenly be wondering why not a single reporter in the Washington press corps has ever walked up to Congressman Al Green, stuck a microphone in his face, and asked him, “Congressman, when you’re giving cocaine to an employee who says you are sexually exploiting her, do you give it to her straight off the ki, or are you cutting it first?”

The morally superior Congressman Al Green wants to save America from Donald Trump, a duly elected president. Perhaps the voters in Houston should take a closer look at Al Green before the next election.