Important Cancer Research Stolen by China

There is no doubt that crooked China will stop at nothing to find a way to hurt the United States. Or at least, find a way to steal the nation’s secrets. China is very much like Russia. Both countries want people to believe that they are friendly but are evil behind their fake front.

Both nations make claims about themselves to the world that would seem to put them before the United States in technology and finance. But recently it has been discovered that China may be up to no good once again as they try to steal the research that does not belong to them.

Zaosong Zheng was held up at the Boston Logan International Airport because it was believed that he was carrying biological material. It is believed that the Chinese man is working for China trying to steal cancer research.

The biological material was taken from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center by a visiting student. In this case Zheng. The federal agents that put a stop to his theft stated that he was a “high risk for possibly exporting undeclared biological material.”

The student had taken vials and wrapped them in plastic bags and placed them in his checked luggage. Each vial was full of a brown liquid that is thought to be the missing material from the medical center.

This spy from China had no regard for the lives that were going to be affected by him stealing the research. Cancer kills without warning and this research was set to save the lives of people. But of course, China does not care about anyone but their people so why not take from the great nation on the planet.

Lying Zheng first told the federal agents that he was not traveling with biological material. There is no reason for him to lie as he was already caught. But like every enemy of the United States and the Democrats, they deny everything even if the evidence clearly shows that they are all lying.

Finally, the sorry little man admitted he took the vials from the medical center. He claimed that he was just taking them to his lab for further research. But after lying once no one can believe him about this claim

The federal agency that made statements to the public regarding this man’s crime stated that:

“Zheng explained that if the results of his research were successful in any way that he planned to publish a paper in his name.” So, he is claiming that this is motivated by personal greed and recognition. The agent went on to say about Zheng “I believe, based on my training and experience, that Zheng… was knowingly gathering and collecting intellectual property from BIDMC, possibly on behalf of the Chinese government.”

The federal agents did not buy into his story. They believe that he was a spy from China trying to steal important research for their use. Another crime that Zheng is going to realize is that it does not pay to lie to the Customs and Border Protection agents.

The judge that is on the case stated that this man’s actions and “conduct represents a serious breach of good faith commitment to Harvard and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. It is a disgrace on them and this defendant caused it.” He also found out that crime does not pay because his visa has been revoked.

The judge went on to mention that “According to the affidavit of (FBI) Special Agent Kara Spice, based on her 15 years of experience as an agent, the Chinese government, and I’m quoting, ‘uses postgraduate students and post-graduate researchers and professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to obtain and often steal intellectual property from the U.S. There is some evidence that that was going on here.”

The federal government has been aware of the fact that China steals this kind of data all the time. They use their students as spies to obtain technology that they cannot produce on their own. President Trump is right with how he is dealing with the crooked Chinese people. They must pay for what they have done and are trying to do even now.