Iran Has Crossed the Line

Iran has announced its intentions to start reigning terror on the world once again. The loony ruler of Iran has been declaring that they are enriching more uranium than they are allowed to by the treaty they signed in 2015.

Iran is a country that does not want a nuclear deal. They want to terrorize other people around them and bully nations into giving them what they want.

They want to have nuclear weapons and the old treaty was just a cover, so they could mass a healthy amount of uranium to make their demonized dreams come true.

President Trump has seen right through their motives behind the treaty. He has placed sanctions on Iran with the goal of pressuring them into giving up their ambitious goals of terror.

It does not help that there are cowardly nations who are actively sneaking around the sanctions trying to help Iran with financing to engage and terrorize people.

Last week a tanker was seized that had come from an Iranian port with oil on it that they are not supposed to be able to sell on the market.

The mouthy Iranian leader has been yelling for the world to hear that they are going to enrich their uranium beyond the agreed limit.

If Iran were serious about working with the world regarding their intent to provide uranium that is not weapons grade, they would have already negotiated a new deal with President Trump, who would have been more than fair in his dealings with Iran.

Enriching uranium is Iran’s way of fighting back against the sanctions. In reality, all the crazy leaders in the county had to do was develop a new deal and the sanctions would have been lifted.

Instead, they are wanting a fight. They want a war with the United States because they feel like they have something to prove. This same bull-headed stubbornness was what ended the terrorist hold in Iraq.

Hussein wanted a war with the United States, and he lost big time. Iran will lose in an all-out fight with the United States.

There are many nations that would be affected by Iran possessing nuclear weapons. Israel has always been a favorite target of the terrorist nation Iran. Israel has stated that they will do what is necessary to keep Iran from possessing such weaponry.

Even some European nations have urged Iran to stop. The European nations have said a lot but done little in the efforts to keep them from going nuclear. President Trump is the only leader in the world that has the guts to stand up to this little terrorist nation.

The pressure is the only thing that Iran does not like. They do not like being told what to do. Iran is like a little child screaming because it is not getting what it wants in life.

Iran needs to face reality and knows that they will never be able to possess nuclear weapons when they have gone out of their way to kill innocent people just because they don’t like them. No one believes a word that comes out of their little leader’s mouth because he is a bold faced liar.

It is a matter of time before President Trump tightens the sanctions even more on the rogue nation. Iran will be taken to its knees by the United States if they do not give up their baby fit and start acting like a civilized nation. Instead, Iran is threatening the world once again.

This time the only nation looking to really do something about it is the United States. America will be the one nation that will stand and protect everyone else because the other nations are afraid to do anything.

Iran needs to know that America is stronger than ever. President Trump has promised to strengthen the military and provided funding for the military to defend the nation all around the world.

These promises have been fulfilled. Iran will be decimated and destroyed in an all-out war. President Trump is not going to negotiate with babies. Iran needs to grow up and come to the table as adults if they want to see the sanctions lifted.