Is the Media Trying to Sink Florida?

The media has not been kind to Florida. From the stupidest stories of mankind being linked to “Florida man” to falsified info that Florida is incapable of lowering the curve of COVID-19, the state isn’t looking too good. Like President Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, is clearly not winning the hearts of the media.

Most stories show that DeSantis is forging information, ignoring statistics, or allowing people to run amok. The liberal media looks to be doing anything they can to sink the governor, and they’re doing a good job of it, too.

The New York Post shared a photo not too long ago about the crowded beaches in Jacksonville. As a way to prove their point, they used a photo that was published by NBC News. The problem was that the photo used by NBC News was regarding a beach in Los Angeles County.

Although the New York Post apologized, claiming that there was a “glitch,” the damage was already done. DeSantis was made out to look like an idiot for opening up the beaches too soon in light of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Floridians looked as though they were ignoring all cautions of social distancing. It took nearly a week for real photos to show what the beaches really looked like — a fraction of what the media was trying to portray.

The beaches in Florida aren’t as crowded as the media wants you to believe.

Now that it has been cleared up, the media is taking about stab at DeSantis. The new statistics are showing that the state is improving. However, that’s not going to help the leftist media with their agenda of making the Republican state look bad.

So, they’ve decided to accuse DeSantis of manipulating the statistics. Chris Cuomo of CNN is leading the pack to try and sink the state.

Dr. Rebekah Jones, the scientist that was fired from the Florida Department of Health, has had a lot to say on the manner. She claims she was fired because she refused to change data manually.

She identifies that she was asked to censor some of the information regarding the coronavirus database. However, DeSantis’ office says that she was fired because of insubordination and disruptive behavior.

Jones may be saying anything to make up for the fact that she was fired. Rather than be an investigative journalist, Cuomo is taking a fired employee’s word at face value.

Clearly, not all Democrats are on board with what the media wants to portray DeSantis and the state of Florida as doing. Terrie Rizzo, the chair for the Florida Democratic Party, has said that the allegations to alter the data is “outrageous.”

DeSantis continues to push back on the media, stating that he has been providing accurate data all along. When looking at what the counties throughout the state are doing, it’s clear that they should have good numbers. Many counties are requiring masks to be worn in grocery stores – other states have not taken such precautions. Beaches are opening, but social distancing is still being required.

The media has been quick to predict massive hospitalizations and deaths after the phase one re-opening plan that DeSantis put into place. The numbers that the media expected have not come to pass.

It appears that DeSantis may be onto something. He’s been working closely with Mike Pence, too, which is the head of the pandemic task force at the White House. They’ll be talking about reopening Florida for tourism very soon.

The numbers are starting to turn around for Florida. It appears that they’ve flattened the curve. However, the media doesn’t want to report on that. For the left-leaning media, they don’t want to celebrate DeSantis and the victory of Florida.

Instead, they’d rather continue with the scare tactics and make Florida out to look like they’re stupid and willing to cheat in order to get everything opened faster.

DeSantis isn’t taking the media’s bait. Instead, he reminds people that the pandemic is just like a hurricane. There’s tracking data, and it’s important to know “when to go inside and stay safe.”