Israel Busts Iran Over New Secret Nuclear Weapons Site

Iran is deceiving the world and there are only a few nations that seem to care. Since America pulled out of the nuclear agreement the world is seeing what President Trump saw about Iran.

They are a nation that has had no intention of living up to their end of the agreements. Iran has tried to corner other nations from Europe into standing against the United States, so they can sell their oil.

But this has been met with little success. And now it seems that Iran has a secret nuclear weapons plant in full operation.

The Prime Minister of Israel has shown that Iran has been operating a nuclear site that was never known about by the world when the treaty was signed years ago.

These kinds of sites just don’t appear. There is a lot of planning and building to see them come into operation.

Under the treaty, Iran was to cease all nuclear weapons development and its nuclear program. But now it has been proven that they never did honor their agreement with the rest of the world.

President Trump is right about the nation of Iran.

This site has been operating for nearly 20 years in secret. Israel’s leader has provided satellite pictures that prove the existence of such a site. It is located in an area that Iran has previously tested nuclear weapons.

The site is known to be in current operation and doing well. Idiotic Iran would tell the world that it is fake. But no one believes the reports that the liberal media are saying because secretly they support Iran and the terrorism that they spread around the world.

Israel’s Prime Minister has stated that secret agents of Israel have uncovered this secret plant. Since the release of the news, Iranian people have destroyed much of the evidence hoping that word will not get out that they have been lying to the world for nearly 20 years.

Interestingly, Israel has two pictures that were taken before the discovery and one after that shows Iran is trying to cover up the evidence against them.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, has stated, “I call on the international continuity to wake up to realize that Iran is systematically lying, and I call on the international community to join President Trump’s sanctions to exert more pressure on Iran. The only way to stop Iran’s march to the bomb, and its aggression in the region, is pressure, pressure and more pressure.”

The world needs to wake up and catch up on what Netanyahu and President Trump already know about Iran. The nation is a terrorist organization that is trying to kill innocent people.

Some stupid critics are pushing back against this claim believing it is pre-election propaganda. This belief never ends well for people when the facts are true.

Some even claim that Iran has honored the nuclear deal and is in good standing with the rest of the world. How easy they forget the attacks on innocent ships in the region and the loss of life that the Iranians are responsible for.

Netanyahu wants peace with Iran. They want the peace that is real and not something fake like what Iran has given before. To the Iranians, a peace treaty is just a free time to rearm for a future war.

Both the president and the Prime Minister knows this. This was one of the reasons why President Trump pulled out of the treaty. So he could stop Iran from arming itself in secret.

But now the world knows the truth.

The sanctions that are in place are to keep Iran from arming itself with nuclear weapons. Iran is a nation that will not adhere to anti-nuclear use during a time of war. They will use weapons to protect their evil ways.

Sadly, Iran currently is looking for ways to secretly avoid doing the right thing. They were back under the old treaty because they were able to rearm themselves without interference from the rest of the world.