Jeff Van Drew Makes The Switch To The Light Side

The Democrats are moving further and further to the left, leaving many of the moderate Dems wondering what happened to their party. Suddenly, Democrats want to open borders, forget about their Christian faith, and badmouth a president that has actually helped to improve the economy.

Voters around the country have been jumping ship for years. It’s one of the reasons why Donald Trump was able to win the general election – no one wanted Hillary Clinton to take over the country.

Now, a House Democrat, Jeff Van Drew, has decided to make the switch over to the light side after spending too many years watching the dark side get darker and darker.

As for what he has to say about it, he says that he didn’t leave his party…his party left him. This was the famous line that Ronald Reagan made after switching to the Republican Party back in 1962.

Jeff Van Drew met with President Trump in the Oval Office. He made the switch with an official announcement, identifying that he felt that it was a better fit for him. He said that the party was always tolerant of moderate Democrats and he thinks “that’s going away.”

The Representative from New Jersey felt that it was important to talk it out, which is why he met with Trump. Much of the conversation was covered on C-Span. Van Drew identified that he’s been a Democrat for a number of years. However, it became obvious that he needed to make the switch after meeting with someone in Town Hall not too long ago. The person told him that the Representative “could not” vote against impeachment.

Van Drew said he’s always worked to do what he could to make things better. He didn’t like being threatened by someone, being told that he “could not” do something.

He touches on something that’s become common: threats. The left has been doing more of that. They threaten rather than talking things through. It’s seen on Capitol Hill, in protests, and even on social media. The left has somehow decided that it’s okay to threaten people if they have a different view – and that’s not okay. What Van Drew is doing is refreshing. He’s changing up the status quo and making the switch over to the more tolerable political side because he’s tired of being threatened.

Van Drew sat there with the President and recalled bills that were being passed. One would allow, “In God we Trust” to be included in any public or private building on the wall. The second would allow the American flag to be flown anywhere as long as it was done in a respectful way. Van Drew thought that those were great bills, assuming that it was something that everyone would vote on.

That’s when the NJ Representative shared that it wasn’t the case. Instead, he had a number of progressives that seemed as though they wanted to get mad at everything. They came to him and said that “we’re really disgusted with you.” They didn’t feel that the American flag was a big deal and they didn’t feel as though “God” should even be mentioned.

Moving away from “In God, we trust” seems to be something that the Democratic Party has been doing for a while. They also don’t want a hand on the bible during oaths. Many of them won’t use the word “God” when being sworn in under oath, either. They’re trying to get rid of Christianity entirely even though the country was founded on it.

It’s a good thing that Van Drew has noticed all of these changes as the Republicans have been noticing them for years. Years ago, there wasn’t the level of violence and disrespect as there is now as more people upheld Christian beliefs. They had the fear of God in them. Today, many Democrats are Godless – and it shows in their behavior.

Jeff Van Drew thanked Trump for the strong economy that has been built. He also identified many of the benefits of Republicanism, which include lower taxes, balancing the budget, and honoring veterans.

Van Drew went on to share a number of stories of how he’s honored the military and how he genuinely is happy to be a part of the Republican Party. It appears that making the switch has been a lifted weight off his chest – and he’s shown that he’s ready to commit to America in a way that the Democrats have simply shifted away from in the past several years.