Jeffrey Epstein’S Dream Was To Seed Human Race With His DNA

There have been a number of registered sex offenders with bizarre dreams and fantasies. Jeffrey Epstein’s dreams that he’s shared may make it to the top.

He had the desire to “seed” the entire human race with his DNA, according to various reports. His goal was to impregnate 20 women at a time, all taking place at his ranch located in Santa Fe, NM.

The financier currently under investigation was arrested in July for sex trafficking charges. This is the same man who has made his way into a number of political avenues and has been friends with presidents, senators, and other people of power.

Epstein’s Fascination with Transhumanism

Transhumanism is the philosophy that people should be artificially enhanced using modern technology. He felt that, with seeding the human race, he could work to make this happen. It’s why he talked with so many scientists about brain-computer integration, nanomedicine, and more.

Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, told the NY Times that Epstein had brought up improving humans genetically at a lunch that Epstein had sponsored once.

The difference between Epstein and Transhumanism, however, focuses on how they would go about this. Most transhumanists are curious about improving human performance without it affecting the gene pool.

The Baby Ranch Idea

In the early 2000s, Jeffrey Epstein began talking to scientists about the idea of creating a “baby ranch.” There is no evidence that he ever acted on it. However, that didn’t stop him from still trafficking dozens of underage girls, causing him to be convicted.

Epstein has been dealing with a number of criminal cases over the years, with the first one starting in 2005. A woman alleged that her stepdaughter, 14 at the time, was taken to Epstein’s mansion by a friend. This led to an 11-month undercover investigation where hidden cameras were found and a number of other things.

Had Epstein actually wanted to create a baby ranch, it could have been possible with his money as well as his ability to lure underage girls to his mansion.

Luckily, there has not been sufficient evidence to point out that things went that far. How he planned to actually impregnate 20 women at the same time, too, has not been reported.

Epstein had a dual interest in not only furthering his own personal DNA but also “improving” the gene pool. It goes beyond the ideology of transhumanism and goes into Eugenics.

This is the science involved with breeding humans on purpose to increase certain characteristics. It has been associated with the same ideology of the Nazis – a party that was in favor of blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan people. It’s how they were able to justify using genocide in Germany.

Transhumanism in Politics

Epstein isn’t alone in his idea of transhumanism – and prior to the 2015 presidential election, there was a candidate by the name of Zoltan Istvan. He founded the political party known as the Transhumanist Party. He promised to work towards halting aging and death if elected by merging human biology with technology.

Cryonics plays a role in Transhumanism as well, the idea that a body could be frozen and brought back to life at a later point. Epstein talked with an unnamed transhumanist once and stated that he would want both his head and his penis frozen. Clearly, Epstein had a lot of pride in his seed – which is why he wanted to share it with so many.

The financier used a number of his business connections to be able to talk to Nobel prize-winning and high-profile scientists about some of his ideas. However, there is no evidence to support that any of his ideas took flight.

What the Future Holds for Epstein

Epstein was arrested in July with accusations of sexually assaulting over 30 girls, some who were reportedly as young as 14. Prosecutors identified that he arranged for the girls to perform sexual acts while others were responsible for recruiting other girls.

Although Epstein has pleaded not guilty, he is awaiting his sentencing. He was also found injured and semiconscious in his jail cell in Manhattan a week ago. His cellmate, a former NYC police officer being charged with four counts of murder, denies any knowledge of what happened.

It’s still too early to tell what will happen with Epstein. However, it is safe to say that any plans of creating a baby farm so that he can spread his seed amongst girls, 20 at a time, will be thwarted.