Kentucky Doctors are Required to Describe Ultrasound to Mother

The maddening Democrats will stop at nothing to try to make abortion legal everywhere. Their goal is to make abortion so legal that a person can abort their baby even moments after it is born. The Democrats are murderous and hate life to the point that they are willing to risk everything to murder innocent people.

Not too long ago they challenged a law in Kentucky that required doctors to have an ultrasound done on a baby that was about to lose its life. The doctor is required to fully describe to the woman what is being shown on the screen. At the end of the scan, the baby’s heartbeat would be heard for all to hear.

The goal behind the law is to get women to change their minds about having an abortion. Many women that come to the abortion center have never heard or seen their baby. In a way, they do not want to hear the heartbeat or even see pictures of the baby because they know deep inside that they are rationalizing killing a baby. They just do not want the guilt and imagery on their minds for the rest of their lives.

The Democrats challenged the law and now it sits at the feet of the Supreme Court Justices. The Supreme Court rejected the challenge by the Democrats and the ACLU. The state of Kentucky would show the law is “simple and straightforward” and they also mentioned that it was all part of “an informed-consent process.”

Contrary to what the ACLU and others would have people believe the law in Kentucky “does nothing more than require that women who are considering an abortion be provided with information that is truthful, non-misleading and relevant to their decision of whether to have an abortion.”

The psycho liberals would come to court only to see that their challenge is thrown out. It was so embarrassing for them because not only was it thrown out, the court rejected it without even issuing a comment by any of the justices. They were snubbed out the door because their arguments are damaging and ridiculous.

The ACLU and other abortion organizations and clinics want to have their voices heard. They are claiming that such laws violate doctors’ First Amendment rights. The part that they are missing is that the baby has rights as well. Those rights are not even being considered by the damaging liberals because they know they will lose their case should the baby be brought into the fight.

The case was being reviewed by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. But it was on hold pending the ruling of the Supreme Court. That court would write “As a First Amendment matter, there is nothing suspect with a State’s requiring a doctor, before performing an abortion, to make truthful, non-misleading factual disclosures, relevant to informed consent, even if those disclosures relate to unborn life and have the effect of persuading the patient not to have an abortion.” The truth is that the liberals will never be happy until every baby is murdered before it can be born.

The sad civil rights wacky members stated that “By refusing to review the 6th Circuit’s ruling, the Supreme Court has rubber-stamped extreme political interference in the doctor-patient relationship. This law is not only unconstitutional but as leading medical experts and ethicists explained, deeply unethical.”

These groups try to make themselves sound so professional and concerned about everyone’s health and wellbeing. But they have forgotten about the smallest and most helpless of them all. The baby must live. The baby needs big people to look out for their rights. The Supreme Court has defended the babies and made it harder for people to murder them.

Even one liberal media reporter, Vladeck, for CNN would try to say that “In that regard, although many find the Kentucky law offensive, it doesn’t implicate the same fundamental questions about the continuing scope of the right to choose that the justices identified in Roe as other cases already on the court’s docket this term and coming down the pipeline.”

He tries to show that the law is offensive. It makes people feel bad. Who cares about what people are feeling because those same people have never once considered how the baby will fill when there is an attempt to murder the innocent child.