Kushner Presents New Immigration Plan To Republicans

The country has been in need of a new immigration plan for quite some time. Jared Kushner has detailed a 2020 immigration reform plan, which he presented to the cabinet yesterday, in an effort to create a better immigration program for the United States.

There are a number of additions, including E-Verify, merit, and fixes to the asylum program. While it won’t fix everything, it should make both sides happy.

A 2021 push?

It’s possible that the draft immigration reform plan could be the 2021 push in Congress, post-election. Trump says that it’s compassionate and the best of everything. He acknowledges that there has been a significant gap in the immigration plan and hope that this plan will take care of things.

RJ Hauman, the FAIR government relations director identifies that it provides a viable path forward for the United States, particularly in the face of immigration act stream is him coming from the Democratic side.

The updated legal immigration system would provide a merit-based system that allows immigrants with special skills to take the front of the line. It also tightens asylum procedures and strengthens border security.

Another important part of the proposal would include installation of E-Verify, a nationwide federal employment verification program. This would automatically verify whether employees would be legally allowed to work in the United States or not. This is something that conservative groups have been pushing for years, though big business has lobbied against it.

Funding the Border Wall

With the plan that Kushner has proposed, it would provide full funding for the border wall. This would ensure that illegals stop coming into the country. However, it would also allow migrants who are here legally to fill jobs.

This plan can help to fulfill campaign promises, though it doesn’t make every change that is needed within the immigration program. It can also be a way for Trump to show that he’s willing to work with both sides. Republicans and Democrats both know that the current immigration system is broken – and this plan is viable.

Throughout the cabinet meeting, Kushner went through the 620-page plan. The various details of the plan would help many of the GOP candidates to synchronize their 2020 campaign policies to focus on immigration. It would also highlight the areas where Democrats focus on some of the more unpopular ideas that they have, including taxpayer aid for illegal aliens as well as open borders.

Although funding the border wall may be a point of contention with the Democrats, it is necessary – and everything happening at the border right now is proof that fully secure borders need to be in place. It will help to protect American wages and ensure that those who are in the workforce are legally allowed to be.

Changing Immigrant Labor

There are many countries around the world that focus on special skills in order to provide visas. The UK, Australia, and many others are already doing this.

By replacing the system which currently allows entry to low-skilled workers, bringing in skilled workers will help to grow the economy as well as create a number of jobs. It can help to avoid downward pressure on wages at some of the lower levels – and this will help Democrats with their minimum wage arguments.

Right now, approximately 4 million young Americans joining the workforce every year after graduating from high school or college. Then, the federal government imports legal immigrants. Approximately 1 million, work permits are printed every year for foreigners.

Another 8 million illegal workers generally come in, too. Companies aren’t even punished for employing hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants who managed to overstay their visas or sneak across the border.

The problem with all of this is that floods the market with cheap labor – from the foreigners who will work for almost nothing to the high school and college students who have yet to develop their skills and experience.

The plan is detailed for sure – and many cabinet members and press are already talking about how it can be the game-changer that the country has been looking for. Kushner is confident with this plan and Trump is fully behind it.

Should Trump be re-elected in 2020, this is an immigration plan that will be hitting the Congress floor immediately. Although it does fund the border, it also does a lot to help the country as a whole.

It would be hard for the Dems to argue with such a thing, especially when they’re constantly complaining about a boost to minimum wage.