Latin Democrats Have Chosen Surprising Nominees They Want for President

It seems as though old white men is where it’s at. Biden and Sanders are at the top of the polls amongst blacks and know amongst Latin democrats, too.

Of course, that doesn’t say much for Julian Castro, a presidential candidate who is Latin. Voters don’t want to vote for him – they’d rather give their vote to either the former VP or to the Vermont Senators.

Why is it that Latin Democrats like these two candidates so much?

According to a Univision poll that was released ahead of the DNC debate happening in Houston on Thursday, Biden and Sanders are the leading candidates. Biden is sitting at 22 percent and Sanders took 20 percent.

Castro is still there – with 12 percent. Warren, Harris, and O’Rourke were on the list, too. As for the other dozen candidates, they were scoring at less than two percent.

The polls show that approximately 73 percent of Latinos are going to choose a Democratic nominee. Another 16 percent say that they have plans to vote for President Trump. The remaining 11 percent remain undecided. This is all based on 1043 registered Latino voters who were polled between the week of August 31 and September 6.

It is important to know what the Latinos thing, especially because they will be the largest nonwhite ethnic group with voting eligibility and 2020.

They will play a critical role within the Nevada caucus as well as delegate-rich states such as Texas and California.

Biden has been focusing heavily on the Latin votes recently, especially when he said that undocumented immigrants need to get in line at some point during the second debate. He hired a lot and outreach director and has focused more heavily within the Latin communities.

With Biden being tied to Obama – and Obama being responsible for so many deportations, there has been a considerable focus on how Biden’s presidency would be any different than Obama’s.

As for what Biden plans to do in order to improve things, he hasn’t identified very specific plans. However, Latin Democrats are obviously fine with not being in the know since they are throwing their support behind him.

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a telephone poll to find out where a person sits knows that the questions can be extremely twisted in order to benefit the particular party doing the polling.

According to the Univision poll, many of the Latin Democrats feel that Trump’s recent speeches influence the El Paso shooter. However, the poll doesn’t talk about whether the Latinos feel as though the second amendment right to bear arms should be eliminated – something that many Democrats are focused on, especially Beto O’Rourke of late.

With so many differences between Biden and Sanders in terms of their campaigns, it’s clear that Latin voters don’t even know what they want. Do they want a moderate who is going to run things just like Obama or do they want a progressive who is going to give everyone healthcare while raising taxes to exorbitant rates?

If Biden or Sanders were to get into office, it could pose problems for the whole country – and with Biden promising to act very much like Obama, it could result in more deportations than Obama was able to carry out within his eight years.

The Democrats are still all over the board. A single poll of just over 1,000 Latin voters isn’t enough to show anything. The only thing that it does show is that they’d rather vote for one of the more well-known men currently running than an actual Latin politician – or a woman. So while Julian Castro or Elizabeth Warren isn’t going to get the vote from the Latin population, it is still very much anyone’s game.

Biden’s campaign is crumbling. He had to hire someone to explain to the Latin community that he’s going to do well for them. He’s already told undocumented immigrants what they wanted to hear when he was on stage for the second debate – “get in line.”

Biden is constantly going back and forth with what he says and what he does, so it’s only a matter of time before his campaign implodes.

That will leave Sanders getting the vote from all of the Latinos – or they’ll finally toss their vote over to Julian Castro.

In the end, there’s simply not enough Latin voters to compensate for the number of people who don’t want a fringe Democrat in the Oval Office, which will send more voters over to Trump’s side in order to hold onto what America is all about.