Louisiana Tops the List for the Fastest Growing Cases in the Country

Louisiana is known for its many attractions throughout the world.  The food, hospitality, music, and tourist attractions are among the best in the world.

Unfortunately, due to the spread of the Coronavirus, Louisiana is now known for being the fastest growth rate of the spread of this horrible epidemic in the world.  The governor of Louisiana, John Bell Edwards, made the announcement from a recent study from the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

Governor Edwards showed the steep incline, which surpasses the speed of Spain and Italy.  Louisiana is now the third-highest in cases following New York and the state of Washington.  Within a few days, the numbers went from below 100 to over 800 cases confirmed.

This gives the state of Louisiana an increase of ten times over seven days.  The numbers are still growing.  As of Monday morning, the numbers were 1,172, with 34 deaths.  Governor Edwards projected within seven to ten days, the capacity of healthcare will surpass its resources.

Edwards warned in his press conference Sunday, “There is no reason to believe that we won’t be the next Italy.  We have the fastest growth rate of confirmed cases in the world in the first 13 days right here in Louisiana.”

The governor continued, “In the last two weeks our growth rate has been faster than any state or country in the world.  This is why it matters.  If we want to flatten the curve, we have to take more aggressive mitigation measures now and limit social contact now.  We’ve got to take action now.”

New Orleans metro is topping the numbers in the state.  As of Monday, the numbers topped over 500 cases confirmed.  The numbers of deaths are small among the younger generation.  Elderly residences are still among the most affected.  This does not mean the rest are not spared.

At the Lambeth House, there were 24 cases confirmed with seven deaths as of Monday in the greater New Orleans area.  This is a retirement community and is battling some of the worst situations with the elderly residences who reside there.

The board director of the Lambeth House put out a statement to reporters at the end of last week after the loss of the seven who did not win the battle.  Christina Fay stated, “Lambeth House is truly a community of people who care deeply about one another. Any single death of a resident is felt very acutely by one and all.  The intensity of sadness that accompanies what our community is currently enduring is almost indescribable.”

Governor Edwards made the announcement he is placing a stay at home order beginning Monday, March 23, beginning at 5 pm.  Many states will follow in this order as the cases continue to climb.

State government offices will stay open, but the public will not be allowed to enter.  Only essential workers will work during the duration, and the same will apply to other businesses.

The governor stated grocery stores, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and restaurants will remain open.  However, for restaurants, only the drive-thru will be available.  Take out, and deliveries are the only other options.  No one will be allowed to eat inside.

In Louisiana, even some small mom and pop grocery stores are setting limits.  They are only allowing five customers at a time to avoid a crowded store.  Once five customers are inside, the doors are locked until they are finished shopping.  The customers outside must wait for their turns if they wish to enter.

In New Orleans, Mayor LaToya Cantrell was the first in the state to issue a stay at home order.  Businesses were ordered closed, and no one was allowed to be in a crowd of more than ten people at a time.

Cantrell made the order Friday and said, “If you don’t have any essential function or cannot safely maintain social distancing, you need to stay home.  Don’t look for ways for the rules to not apply for you… stay home.”

Since New Orleans is the city with the most problems in the state, a special police team has been put together to enforce the order.  Businesses who do not comply will lose their licenses never to operate in the city again.

Louisiana is one of the toughest states to comply because of its hospitality.  The people are friendly, and it is difficult to comply with social distancing.  Unfortunately, we have reached a time where everyone has to suffer for the greater good.