MAGA: Non-farm Jobs At Its Highest In Ten Months

No one can argue the fact the economy is the best it has been in decades.  President Trump knows what he is doing, as he has proven in the short amount of time he has been president.  The numbers are in from November, and within ten months, job growth has exploded and set records as we move along.

Job growth is at its highest it has ever been.  The farming industry took a slight drop as the trade war continues with China, but that will change with the coming deal between the U.S. and China.  Meanwhile, nonfarm jobs such as General Motors, healthcare, and other manufacturing companies have stepped up in hiring. They are not scared to make the investment in this growing economy.

As of Friday, the Labor Department witnessed another drop in the unemployment rates fall back some more down to 3.5 percent.  When the Federal Reserve’s cut back the interest rates as Trump ordered them to, the U.S. central bank policymakers will highlight the nonstop growing economy.  They will meet on the 10th and 11th of this month to discuss and review.

Housing and the orders made for big-ticket goods padded the drums for an upbeat economy.  An outstanding 266,000 jobs were created in November.  As the economy does fluctuate, it not only covered the loss of the 43,000 jobs lost in October, it surpassed all expectations by far.

Healthcare workers’ jobs increased by 60,200.  The average for healthcare positions is 180,000 per month.  The final number was 240,200 for November.  There were also 12,000 jobs added to the government sector.

Between September and October, which is the slower months, 41,000 more jobs were created.  When 46,000 GM plant workers went on strike for 40 days, the job growth in October was only 156,000.  Since the issues were resolved with GM, the numbers went exploded in November in that area too.

Both manufacturers and farming took a slight fall due to the 17-month trade war, but manufacturing is coming back stronger than ever.  With the experts looking at the numbers, the farming industry is expected to follow in the same manner.  Friday, the Dow shot up over 300 points.  For the third quarter, the economy picked up at a 2.1 percent pace.  This is AWESOME for America!

A survey was taken by the Institute for Supply Management, where manufacturing was expected to make a slight fall.  The economy defied the study by far.  Even as there was a small drop, the mines and construction sites made up for the numbers with the cooler temperatures.

To keep an average economy, there must be around 100,000 jobs per month in the growing field.  The numbers are also taken by the statistics from the working-age group only.  There are also more people working past retirement age, which makes a small difference in how many jobs are available.  It is not enough to count, but the factor is thrown into consideration.

Special surveys are used to determine the unemployment rate for every household.  The smaller households had a gain on job growth, which brought the unemployment rate down a tenth of a percent from October’s numbers.  October had a 3.6 percent unemployment rate while November had a 3.5 percent.

It is a small gain, but it is in the right direction.  Another number was surveyed with those who want to work but cannot find the jobs in their field also dropped by a tenth of a percent.  October had seven percent, while November dropped to 6.9 percent.  This means people are still finding jobs no matter what.

What does this say for President Donald Trump?  It means he is one hell of a president who can take a screwed up economy and build it to an enterprise.  Isn’t that what he has done with his companies?  Why won’t Democrats listen?

It is proven Americans vote based upon the economy before any other issue faced in our country.  The next issue would be a battle of morals and values is what the polls show.

With the economy as good as it is going, the Democrats do not stand a chance.  No one has ever in the history of American presidents matched these numbers.

The media refuses to talk about it, and the Democrats cannot bring it up in a debate because it shows their incompetence.  Just the economy alone can re-elect President Donald Trump to a second term in office in a landslide victory.