Man Kills Lifelong Friend Because He Was Pro-Trump, and It Gets Worse

There is absolutely no doubt that the Democrats are anti-government and hate freedom. Their crazy followers are violent. They destroy and hurt people wherever there is a peaceful rally.

They believe that when the opposition cannot be stopped, then silencing them is the only way to victory. This dangerous reality is played out all across America where peaceful Republicans rally together for a demonstration. The dangerous Democrats show up in force wearing masks and carrying weapons. Their goal is to stop the rally from taking place at all costs.

The anti-government mentality is even more dangerous in a personal setting. The setting can be a simple luncheon or an office setting. Such is the case of a man by the name of Mason Toney who lives in Florida. He is charged with killing his manager because of a political disagreement.

Toney is known for his anti-government views and his hatred for President Trump. William Knight, who is Toney’s manager, was stabbed to death because he supported President Trump.

Toney is said to have placed an American flag next to Knight’s body once the deed was done. The flag was to show that Toney killed for his country. He was saying that Trump is not an American and neither is anyone else that supports him.

Toney and the other Democrats of the nation see all Republicans and Trump supporters as invades and their enemies. To Toney, Knight was an enemy, and he was to die. His thinking is extremely warped and dangerous. But such is the case for all Democratic supporters. To be a Democrat is to hate America and everything that the Republic stands for.

Toney killed Knight while at work at a construction site. Law enforcement did not take very much time in finding the arrogant liberal. People that knew both parties stated that they appeared to be friends, but they got into an argument. For a person that hates President Trump, it is pure evil to be friends with someone that supports the president. To Toney, it was worthy of death.

Detective Fabian Ramirez stated that “Toney is anti-government and very outspoken about his beliefs that the government is bad and out to get him.” Like all paranoid Democrats, Toney thought that people were out to kill him. As if he were some kind of marked target. To argue with the monster would mean one’s death.

There was no doubt that Knight supported the president as he was outspoken about it. This is the time that Toney picked up a trowel and stabbed Knight to death. Every time a Democrat or liberal loses an argument they turn to violence in an attempt to silence their enemies. Toney violently attacked his boss because of a different view.

The people that saw the actions unfold tried to intervene by throwing objects at Toney. He then turned on the people trying to help and advanced at them with the trowel. At some point, the crazy man fled in his truck hoping to escape, but the police soon found the man and took him into custody. He blatantly called the others trying to help Knight “terrorists” which only shows that people who hate the president see all others as terrorists.

The two men had known each other for a better part of their lives. Knight’s father stated that “He was a friend of the family. My son went to elementary school with him and to middle school and high school.”

It appears that they were life-long friends until the barrier of politics got in the way. Democrats and liberals hate the president. They hate him so much that they are willing to do anything to silence his supporters.

In this case, murder was the way to keep a vote from being cast for President Trump. The Democrats in Washington are playing by the same rule book that Toney uses. They are all attacking the president and his supporters. They are using every method known to man to bring them down. All of their attempts are backfiring and it will end up hurting them in the end.