Man Uses AR-15 on Home Intruders

All over the country, some people protest guns and make a huge fuss about semi-automatic pistols and the AR-15 rifles in particular.  The NRA and the pro-guns audience has heard it all.

For the AR-15 rifles, the anti-guns audience has been crying, there is no need to have those rifles available to civilians.  Some of the smartest people in office claim they are not necessary.

Take Chris Murphy’s statement on Twitter, for example, “Nobody needs an AR-15 to hunt.  Nobody needs a semi-automatic rifle to defend their home.  But mass shooters NEED these weapons in order to murder as many people as efficiently as possible. And so nobody will miss them when they are illegal except for the killers.”

This statement leaves us as American citizens at a loss for words when intelligent people cannot figure out a pistol, or a knife is no match for an AR-15 rifle in the hands of a criminal.

If the senators and elected officials in the office cannot defend our rights, who can?  It is up to us for whom the Constitution was written.

There is never any guarantee of how many criminals are going to invade a person’s home in a robbery or assault.  Just recently, this Florida resident can attest to the fact as it was reported in the website for news when he had his home invaded.

The report read, “Marion County sheriff’s officials say a homeowner armed with an AR-15 shot and killed two intruders and were injured himself during a home invasion robbery in Summerfield Wednesday night.”

“Two other robbery suspects, Robert John Hamilton, 19, of Ocala, and Seth Adam Rodriguez, 22, of Belleview was detained near the scene, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.  Rodriguez was arrested on charges of murder and home invasion robbery with a firearm. Hamilton faces home invasion robbery with a firearm. Both men were being held in the Marion County Jail without bond.”

The Marion County Sheriff’s office posted an update on Facebook stating, “UPDATE: The second suspect that was shot during the home invasion, has succumbed to his injuries.”

“At approximately 8:20 p.m. the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) received a call in reference to a Home Invasion where shots were fired in the 14,900 block of SE 32nd Court Road in Summerfield.  When deputies arrived they located one male suspect deceased, one male suspect and the homeowner suffering from gunshot wounds. Deputies were able to locate two additional suspects who are detained at this time.  MCSO Major Crimes Detectives are continuing the investigation. We will update you when we have more information.”

Usually, these kinds of robberies are planned in advance, but it definitely did not go according to their plan.  Hamilton was not charged with murder at the time of booking, but it was not clear as to why he was not.  Further charges are still pending as the investigation continues.

The 61-year-old was shot in the incident, and he is expected to recover and survive.  According to the news site, The homeowner told Detective Travis O’ Cull, “About an hour before the shooting, a male who he barely remembers from a past Craigslist transaction, knocked on the front door, according to sheriff’s officials.  The homeowner said he did not open the door but saw the male peering through a back sliding-glass door. He said he asked the male what he was doing and was told he needed help with his vehicle.  The homeowner said he told the individual he was disabled and couldn’t help him. That person then left and the homeowner went to sleep.  The homeowner told the detective he was awakened by a loud noise and grabbed his AR-15, which was near his bed. He saw a masked person inside the home, he said, and he and the intruders exchanged gunfire. He said he shot at the man in the mask and at a second person coming toward him.  The homeowner said it was Jackson who shot him.”

So here we have an incident which is not the only one of its kind.  There are hundreds like it every day across the United States which never makes it to the news reports.

The reason we can say for sure is that it makes us as pro-gun carriers right.  Some Senators claim only a ten round pistol is sufficed.  Is it really? If this homeowner had only ten rounds, this true story would have found him deceased.