Mastermind Behind Mexico’s Fight Against Cartels Busted for Helping Them!

There is nothing worse than a person who appears to be fighting crime only to find out that he is part of the crime problem. Mexico’s most popular public security secretary, who served in the position from 2006 to 2012, has been charged and arrested in his part of organized crime.

The oddity of Genaro Garcia Luna is that he appeared to wage war with drug cartels in Mexico. But he was part of them. He has been charged with corruption and helping get drugs over the border.

Luna was the mastermind behind Mexico’s drive to fight back against organized crime. And now here he is helping crime bosses terrorize people and shipping drugs into America. When Luna was in the United States he was taken into custody.

He was here setting up the paths to distribute drugs. He is also being charged with lying and making false statements. He was arrested in Texas and will be taken to New York to face charges.

United States Attorney Richard P. Donoghue has stated that “Garcia Luna stands accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes from ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s Sinaloa Cartel while he controlled Mexico’s Federal Police Force and was responsible for ensuring public safety in Mexico.”

Luna was bought off. He had his price and the cartels knew it. He was the perfect choice for the cartels to acquire because he would have known the most current ways to skirt the system and get drugs into America.

Loony Luna had a good career in law enforcement but threw it all away for the sake of money. Truly the love of all money is the root of evil. His greed and late in life ambitions drove him to accept the bribe from the nasty cartels. It was found that he took millions of dollars from the Sinaloa cartel.

This well-armed crime organization is said to be “the largest and most powerful drug trafficking organization in the Western Hemisphere, is an alliance of some of Mexico’s top capos. The coalition’s members operate in concert to protect themselves, relying on connections at the highest levels and corrupting portions of the federal police and military to maintain the upper hand against rivals.”

They are ruthless and seek to kill and plunder anyone that gets in their way. The bribes that Luna took were offered so the cartel would move about and have a safe passage for their drugs. Luna would also tip off the cartel about a law-enforcement activity which would allow the cartel to stay one step ahead of the police. The Sinaloa cartel is a small army that takes no thought about killing people, so they can drive their drugs into America.

The millions that Luna took in bribes is not enough to pay for the traitorous actions against his country and the United States. The United States Attorney office stated that “On two occasions, the cartel personally delivered bribe payments to Garcia Luna in briefcases containing between three and five million dollars.”

Luna would receive it all in cash so as not to raise suspicion as to his activities. This cash would have been taken from people buying drugs. He used the money from the very people that he had sworn to protect. Luna is a liar and a greedy traitor.

Liar Luna, of course, denies any wrongdoing. He does have his supporters in Mexico, which leads officials to believe that corruption is everywhere in Mexico. One person that worked with him stated that “I worked with Genaro Garcia Luna. We, DEA, had a very good working relationship with Genaro. At that time there were no allegations of corruption. There we coordinated investigations with them, and we never saw any evidence of compromise.”

But with the same breath would go on to point out that “In terms of what the US sees, [it’s] very different than what occurs within the Mexican government, but through time if he were taking bribes, obviously some of those investigations, you would’ve known if they had been compromised.

But some areas could be compartmentalized in terms of efforts by the Mexican government.” He just admitted that there are people and offices in Mexico that are corrupt and cannot be trusted.