Media Says Trump Has No Good Answers, We Say Media Has No Good Questions

It has been almost a week now, and we are starting to notice the same question keeps coming up from different reporters.  Sunday, President Trump held his daily press conference, and the same question popped up again.  Even though he continues to answer the question, the mainstream media still is not satisfied with his answer.  This is getting old, and President Trump tore into a female reporter from CBS and set her straight.

It is about that time when President Trump should put up the TV screens again and show the nasty reporters the timeline and all that has taken place.  They are too stupid or too ignorant to grasp a hold to the answers.  Many people, including the President, feel it is a tactic the reporters are using to back him in a corner.

One thing is for sure, President Trump is no fool.  He always comes out on top when the media tries their stupid tricks.  They keep going back to why was there one month where nothing was done in January to stop the spread of the virus.

Are they that dumb?  They criticized President Trump when he closed the borders for people coming from China to America in January.  Democrats, some Republicans, and all of the fake news ran with this story on how he shouldn’t have closed the borders.

Now the media continues to ask this same question, which makes them look totally incompetent.  Are they expecting a different answer, or have they ran out of topics to try and corner the President?  The reporters still come back to report lies and claim he didn’t do anything in response to the outbreak in January.

President Trump faced the same question from a different reporter.  CBS’s Weijia Jiang was told by the President to “lower her voice and take it nice and easy” as she rudely asked her question.

Jiang’s question word for word went like this:  “I had a question about something you said on Thursday, which is that you were angry because the information about the virus should have been told to us earlier. And a lot sooner people knew it was happening and people did not want to talk about it. Many Americans are saying the exact same thing about you, that you should have warned them the virus was spreading like wildfire through the month of February instead of holding rallies with thousands of people. Why did you wait so long to warn them, and why did you not have social distancing until March 16th?”

President Trump asked her who she was with, and she told him CBS News.  Thank goodness it was not CNN because he would have probably thrown her out the White House.  He commenced answering her question respectfully before she cut him off.

He responded, “So if you look at what I did in terms of cutting off of banning China for coming in…”  Jiang interrupted, “Chinese nationals.  But by the way, not Americans who were also coming from China.”

Trump let her have it by saying, “Nice and easy. Nice and easy. Just relax. We cut it off. People were amazed, these gentlemen. Everybody was amazed. I did it. We had 21 people in a room, everyone was against it but me. Dr. Fauci said, had I not done that perhaps tens of thousands, and maybe much more than that, people would have died.”

The President stated for the fourth day in a row, there were no deaths at the time.  Again, Jiang made it sound like the President did nothing and continued to raise her voice disrespectfully.

President Trump then turned the tables on her as he told her again to “keep your voice down.”  He said, “How many cases were in the United States? I did a ban where I’m closing up the entire country. How many people died? How many people died in the United States?”

At the time, there was only one person confirmed who had COVID-19 and no deaths.  Trump continued, “And yet I closed up the country. And I believe there were no deaths. Zero deaths. At the time, I closed up the country. Nobody was there. And you should say thank you very much for good judgment.”

Trump said he is always asked: “Why he didn’t do more in February after shutting down the borders to China (and later Europe). And then they say ‘he never has a good answer.'”