Media’s White Nationalist Narrative for VA Gun Rally Destroyed

As with most things that do not encourage the liberal agenda of the Left, misinformation and a need to spread rumors abound. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this week’s pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia, was made out to look like an event of “extremists,” violence, and “white nationalists.’ However, this information was far from correct.

In fact, the facts handed out by the likes of CNN, NBC, and others, were so wrong that one reporter actually had to delete his original post about the “white supremacist rally.” He then went on to create a new post in which he urged his fellow reporters to “verify” their facts before making unfounded accusations.

NBC’s Ben Collins had reported that three white supremacists/neo-Nazis had been arrested just days before the rally. The men were supposedly planning on attending the rally, bringing weapons, and possibly planning an act of violence. One of them was even an illegal immigrant from Canada. Collins and many others took this to be proof that the entire Richmond event was to be held by similar personalities, hellbent on enacting their own kind of racist judgment.

The stories ran rampant through mainstream media, pushing lines like Axios’: “As Richmond braces for hate, Americans say race relations are getting worse.” MSNBC host Craig Melvin opened his show by saying that “white nationalists” and “militia groups” were put “all in one place” and that “justifiably” people “are worrying about a repeat of Charlottesville in 2017.”

Even once the event began, the media stuck with their narrative, saying “thousands of white nationalists” had invaded Richmond, heavily armed and intent on doing damage. Images of hard looking white men carrying ARs and all sorts of militia like gear were posted to back this up.

However, the event held on Monday was not sponsored or organized by white nationalists or anyone involved in such racist affairs. Instead, it was assembled by the non-profit, pro-Second Amendment group Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).

It is estimated that about 22,000 American citizens showed up to protest Virginia’s new gun control proposals and laws. And of those, only one was arrested and it wasn’t for violence. It was for wearing a mask, which had been outlawed due to Governor Northam’s “state of emergency” declaration.

Furthermore, it was noted that of the numbers that showed up, about 7,000 stayed in the gun-free zone around the capital, while another 15,000 hung out in the streets where weapons were allowed. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but 15,000 people, likely all armed, could spell out disaster with the right incentive. However, what this proves to the left is that guns are not the problem.

Fifteen thousand people with guns in their hands and pockets could do a lot of damage. But as these people showed the world, what matters more is the intent. Americans want to own guns, not cause harm, but to defend themselves. It is their God-given right.

But as several individuals at the rally informed us all, guns are not a race issue.

One unidentified protestor told Breitbart News, “I do not support in any way, shape, or form Governor Northam and the Democrat gun control. What I also don’t support is the fact that every news piece you’ve seen on this weekend, they’ve always brought up the issue of race, as though it’s nothing but white rednecks and hillbillies out here who care for the Second Amendment. Actually, black Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Americans, in general, care about the Second Amendment… So that’s why I’m out here, and Big Media, mainstream media be damned. If you take a good look at me, you can see I’m a black American. And all I’m out here for is to enjoy my Second Amendment rights. That’s why I’m here.”

And he wasn’t the only one with similar ideas.

Maj Toure, the founder of Black Guns Matter, made sure to point out that the media seemed only to have an “interest in chaos,” regardless of what the facts actually say.

As Washington Examiner commentator Timothy Carney says, this was just another attempt to “smear marches they hate. Guns, like abortion and all-boys Catholic schools, are a culture war issue. We know what side 90% of the media industry is on. Everyone should admit it.”

The Virginia pro-gun rally served its purpose.  It proved to the world Second Amendments rights are critical, and America will not sit back and let them be trampled on. Not now, not ever.