Mississippi Seeks to Part from Its Southern Past, Draft New Resolution

With all of the unrest taking place in the country, it is easy to think that it is time for major change. But the truth is that there are only a handful of people that are causing the unrest. And with the support of the wacky media, it seems like the entire country is rioting.

The violent mob is interested in only what they can take. They have no interest in the history or culture of any given site or state. They are people that think with their feelings instead of their minds. When people think with their feelings bad things begin to happen simply because feelings change.

Lawmakers in Mississippi are bowing to the pressure of the shallow rioters because the minority crowd hates the way the flag looks and what they feel it represents. A group of nosey people wants to see the Confederate battle emblem erased from the flag.

Mississippi would be the last state to have it removed. The flag has been a point of contention for some time, but now with the riots has it become an issue that lawmakers feel compelled to change.

Much of the southern history is wrapped up in the flags and monuments that are placed around the area. For someone to remove those emblems of history is one step away from forgetting the past. The Confederate symbol was the rallying cry of the southern states during the Civil War.

It was a call for slavery to be legal and for freedoms to be defined by how one thought. But to remove it from history and sight only makes it possible for that kind of hateful system to rise again in another part of the nation.

Anti-Americans are slowly removing the history of the nation that defines its existence. To remove a nation’s past whether good or bad is to doom it to repeat itself in the future. The lousy liberals and Democrats are pushing the death of George Floyd so much that everyone has forgotten what the real issue is all about.

The media pushes racism so much that the country cannot move beyond the concept. And now that the rioters have forgotten what they are rioting about they are picking things like the Confederate symbols to cry about. They are using these things as a means to become violent instead of peaceful.

The violent protestors are violating Constitutional law by violently protesting. There are legal ways and peaceful ways of demonstrating and enacting change. One group of vandals tore down a Confederate statue in Richmond, VA.

If they truly did not like the concept of the Confederate General being displayed they should have taken the matter to the courts or legislature to enact their changes. The matter of removing history should be a voter’s event.

In 2001, the state of Mississippi voted in the majority to keep their flag the way it was. But the extreme minority was not accepting of the outcome so they waited until they could violently force their ways on the rest of the state. These actions are not legal. They stand against everything the defines America as a Democracy.

The issue is being looked at by both sides of the legislature. The House in Mississippi would have to have a two-thirds vote to change the flag. Once approved in the House it would then have to go to the Senate and then be signed by the Governor. Some lawmakers and leaders believe the matter should be decided by the voters. And that is exactly the way it should be.

Lauren Stennis is an artist that is tasked with creating an alternate vehicle tag design. She has stated that “I think that the change will bring about a flag and a symbol that is evocative, rather than provocative. And I think that’s so important, and that’s how you know the state flag is doing its job.”

The only reason the matter is provocative is that a few cry-babies have decided they want to get violent to get what they want. The overwhelming majority of the people of Mississippi like things the way they are.