Money Talks: Democrats Bought the Super-Delegates

The Democrats are notorious for doing things to get what they want out of people. They have a bad habit of intimidating people to force them to do what they need them to do.

Adam Schiff held closed-door interviews with people, and no one knows to this day what he said to them. If they can buy off a person, they can get the desired result. This is what the Democrats have been doing throughout their primary races.

Old man Bernie Sanders, Lazy Joe Biden, appear to be buying off their delegates for their support. Records show that they have paid out $466,000 combined to the superdelegates.

This money has been paid to people that closely support each shady Democratic candidate. They have paid the money hoping for their support in case of an outcome that will be contested. Most Democrats contest elections so it seems that they are signaling their actions before they take them.

Bernie Sanders leads the way to pay off support for his intimidating campaign. This money has no purpose but to be used as a bribe. These people do not support people unless they are paid first. From Sanders, Nina Turner has been paid $149,000. She is from the state of Ohio and a member of the Democratic National Convention.

Susie Shannon from California has been paid $53,000. Both of these ladies are superdelegates because they are members of the DNC. In case there is a toss-up after the primary their votes would be cast for Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has paid out the most because his socialist views are not well-received by many around the country. He is going to have a hard time getting support from people unless he pays them off first. Even Sanders’s young supporters in the House have been silent as of late. Not many Democrats are still rallying behind the old man.

Michael Bloomberg has done the same thing as Sanders but just on a smaller level. The records show that Michael Nutter has been paid $45,000. Nutter was the former mayor of Philadelphia and is currently a DNC member and a paid-off superdelegate vote.

None of these people vote on principal. They vote based on which person gives them the most money. The Democrats are a bunch of greedy rats seeking the person with the fattest pockets. In this case, Sanders seems to have the fattest pockets of money.

Bloomberg has also been working with Carla Brailey and Alexandra Rooker. These two people work in the convention and have been paid large sums of money for their support. They have also been on Bloomberg’s payroll as they have worked for his campaign. These shallow people do not care who wins as long as they have been paid.

The superdelegates will only come into play if no one in the race receives more than 50 percent of the votes. The three major candidates are successfully splitting the party for their votes.

It is going to come down to the superdelegates to make the decision. But in the end, it will come down to which candidate wants to buy the election by paying off superdelegates. The one with the most money will win.

They may be able to buy off the Democratic campaign race, but they will not be able to buy off those for the main election against President Trump. The majority of the country is fully satisfied with how the president has been running the country. Every single promise that he has made has been delivered. He is a man of his word.

The Democrats are worried because they are feeling defeat before the election gets underway. People are tired of their lies and the constant push to try to criminalize their president.

In a way, the Democrats have dug their own grave by their persistent failures and circus actions. President Trump has come to be proven as an honest man that the country can trust.  His track record cannot be explained as random actions, but rather as purposeful intent to make the nation great.