MSM Cover Up: Fake News Media Smears Voter Fraud Investigation

Voter fraud is real. But the Fake News Media will do anything to cover it up.

The conservative-leaning Washington Examiner is fighting back against a Fake News a hit job orchestrated by the failing New York Times. The radical left propaganda mandarins at the paper published a report claiming that the Washington Examiner is among several conservative news outlets pushing a “conspiracy theory” that rampant voter fraud will throw the 2020 election to the democrats.

The Mainstream Media is so dug into denial about voter fraud that they could witness with their own eyes a fraudster filling out a dead person’s ballot and deny the existence of voter fraud.

Frankly, when it comes to voter fraud – along with other serious topics that concern everyday Americans – the media is a joke and living in a distorted fantasyland of their own making. They are either lying or fully believe their own lies. Either way, they are undermining a sacred right of U.S. citizens one careless denial of voter fraud at a time.

The failing New York Times cited a fancy Harvard University research study that claimed these purportedly false accusations of voter fraud were circulated through a “propaganda feedback loop” in conservative media and that any “voter fraud theory” was thoroughly discredited.

Again, voter fraud is not a “theory,” it is real and proven. Organizations such as Project Veritas have repeatedly proven that voter fraud exists and influences elections.

The theory “has been repeatedly debunked by data,” wrote Tiffany Hsu, the New York Times reporter who authored the story. Spoken like a good Radical Left propaganda apparatchik.

Interestingly enough, Ms. Hsu failed to cite in any of the cases which details were incorrect in any of the Washington Examiner‘s published reports of voter fraud. For a newspaper that claims it runs “All the News Fit to Print” and supposedly prides itself on serving as the “newspaper of record” and having all the facts to the story, this episode once again proves that the New York Times has been reduced to a diminished rag of a publication that is less a source of information than it is a conveyance mechanism for Left Wing propaganda.

In one of the cases shoddily cited by Times writer Ms. Hsu, the Washington Examiner uncovered a voter fraud incident in Wisconsin where a local county sheriff’s office reported finding three trays of mail ballots thrown into a ditch. Sticking to the Democrat party line in the face of the facts, the New York Times falsely claimed that there were no mail ballots in the discarded heap of mail. Another casual lie from a lazy MSM reporter who is so deep in the Left Wing Kool-Aid that you’d need a deep-sea diver to retrieve her.

In another story, the New York Post quoted an unidentified Democratic operative who told the paper that he engaged in voter fraud for years and went on to detail the ways in which he conducted voter fraud. The Times reporter Ms. Hsu preposterously rejected the allegation out of hand without so much as researching the claim, triggered by her confrontation with reality. She provided ZERO evidence that the story was inaccurate.

“If this is all it takes for the Washington Examiner to be guilty of participation in a ‘disinformation campaign,’ then every newsroom in the world is guilty of the same,” wrote Becket Adams, a senior writer for the Examiner.

Danielle Rhoades Ha, a Times spokeswoman, said via email that the Examiner’s response found no errors in their story “because there are none.” Plain English translation: sit down and shut up because We Know Best©.

The Examiner’s editor-in-chief, Hugo Gurdon, responded to say that there have been documented cases of voter fraud and that concerns about voter fraud are bigger this year simply because of the “unprecedented number of people voting by mail,” Gurdon said.

“The opportunity for fraud will be that much greater,” he said.

“You can’t use the fact that something has been of limited importance in the past to debunk concerns that it will be more important in different circumstances,” Gurdon added.