MSNBC Can’t Decide if Trump is an Evil Genius Just Plain Evil

One of the biggest challenges that President Donald Trump has faced since his inauguration has been personnel. He can’t find good people to fill all his administration’s cabinet positions. There are two reasons for this.

First, most of the people in The Swamp who are qualified to run big bureaucracies are completely opposed to Trump’s agenda of making the lives of everyday Americans better.

Second, who would want the job after seeing the way that the Russian coup plotters railroaded Gen. Mike Flynn on false charges? But MSNBC has figured out a third reason why Trump has filled his cabinet yet: Trump is an evil genius! Or, maybe he’s just plain evil.

Here’s how MSNBC’s latest conspiracy theory works – and keep in mind that the people pushing this idea think that Alex Jones should not be able to post his videos on YouTube.

Trump deliberately has a lot of “acting” Cabinet members in his administration and unfilled positions… so that he can’t be removed from office under the 25th Amendment for being crazy!

As all Good People and MSNBC viewers know, Trump is unfit for office because he is a lunatic. What sort of person thinks that mass immigration is bad for America? A crazy person like Trump, that’s who!

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace asserted – not for the first time, obviously – that President Trump is “crazy” and “obviously” suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Her paid guest, the enthusiastic Joyce Vance, immediately agreed:

“If it was grandpa, you would probably take him to see a neurologist or someone who specializes in geriatric medicine. That hasn’t happened here that we know of. The remedy is the 25th Amendment, and that requires an intact cabinet which Trump does not have, whether by design or not, most of the cabinet is acting and there’s no will to take that on in any event.” (Emphasis added.)

Trump Derangement Syndrome obviously causes contradictory logic. Under MSNBC’s new thesis, Trump is too crazy to remain in office. But, he’s crazy like a fox because he knows if he had an intact cabinet, they would remove him for being crazy.

We would also note that the 25th Amendment says nothing about requiring an “intact cabinet,” but MSNBC isn’t exactly known for its high levels of constitutional scholarship.

Aside from Trump’s evil genius strategy to not staff his cabinet out of self-preservation, Trump hasn’t exactly been able to find the greatest people to fill jobs.

Remember DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen? She spent 15 months on the job not deporting any illegal aliens and building exactly zero miles of new wall on the southern border. If memory serves, Trump was pretty clear in those instructions.

Her replacement, Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan, has possibly been even worse. Americans started to get excited when McAleenan had ICE carry out workplace raids in Mississippi recently. Agents arrested 680 criminal aliens who had stolen jobs away from some of the poorest black families in America.

But McAleenan broke down sobbing and released half of the criminal aliens when he learned they had kids at home. (Don’t some bank robbers have kids at home? Why don’t we ever release them on the same grounds?)

Trump’s other major problem is that he speaks American-ese, while Swamp Creatures speak Swamp-ese. When Trump asks in a private cabinet meeting, “Why are we taking in immigrants from these s***hole countries?” the American people hear that as the words of a president who loves and cares about the welfare of the citizens of his own country. The Swamp Creatures in Trump’s cabinet hear that and think:

“He belongs in Ye Olde Lunatick Asylum! What sort of crazy person thinks that illiterate peasants from foreign lands with no job skills, and who have never seen indoor plumbing, would not be a boon to America’s economy? I’ll just ignore that direct order from my superior as long as I can since it’s the morally right thing to do according to the New York Times!”

Nope. Sorry. America’s not supposed to work that way. “We the people” elected Donald Trump, not the buffoons he’s been stuck appointing to cabinet positions or “acting” cabinet positions.

Trump isn’t keeping his cabinet partially filled because of some crazy plan to circumvent the 25th Amendment. The cabinet is partially filled because he can’t find anyone in Washington, DC who cares about America as much as he does.