New Ban On Sanctuary Cities Is In Effect In Florida

Democratic-run states such as New York and Massachusetts make it harder for ICE to do their job. They’re all about making it easier for illegal immigrants to lead a very comfortable life mooching off of the American system. Then, there are stories of Republican states that make it easier to know that there is still a future to be had within the country.

Florida issued a ban on sanctuary cities that began as of October 1. The law requires police officers in Florida to cooperate with the immigration agents. If a prisoner is also an illegal immigrant, they can be detailed for 48 additional hours so that ICE agents can arrive on the scene and move the undocumented immigrant to a federal detention center. Those who have served a local sentence or had a bond posted can also be held for those two added days.

The law continues to get better, ensuring that the governor or attorney general has the ability to take action on any elected official, whether they’re a mayor, a sheriff, or any other position. This action includes removing them from their elected office.

All 67 counties in Florida have been required to sign formal agreements with ICE. The local governments will be paid $50 for holding the immigrant for those additional two days.

Florida has made history, with sheriffs in the state being the first to make an agreement like this with ICE starting in 2017. As of October 2019, these agreements are mandatory. While the law is in full effect now, a federal judge did block one component of the law, which would require local law enforcement to drive undocumented immigrants across state lines.

CNN, however, has reported that there are no municipalities in the state to declare themselves to be a “sanctuary city.” South Miami, however, has chosen to sue as a challenge to the law because they believe it limits the local discretion about cooperating with ICE.

Mayor Stoddard is arguing that the police officers are responsible for maintaining public safety. If they are viewed as someone who can turn in an illegal immigrant, it will cause the community to lose trust in them. He says that the new law creates too many divisions.

The problem is that Stoddard is a Democrat in a state that is run by a Republican. He doesn’t like to be challenged. He would rather run his city into the ground and go against state law than comply. His comment about the whole thing is that it “overrides local authority.” That’s the way it works, though. State law trumps local law, just as federal law trumps state law. For those who are in South Miami as an undocumented immigrant, they need to be dealt with accordingly because they are currently in the country illegally, either as someone who overstayed a visa or who crossed a border illegally.

The South Miami mayor is proving that he’s no different than some of the radicals in California. A similar situation played out in Central California last month when sheriff deputies showed up to arrest someone who hadn’t appeared in court. The person in question should have been deported after his previous arrest. The problem was that there were those in Sacramento who stood in the way of the law enforcement officers to cooperate with ICE, making it impossible to turn the man over to the authorities.

ICE agents don’t simply pick up any undocumented immigrants. They focus on the ones that have continuously broken the law beyond simply being undocumented. If those who were in the country illegally simply put their heads down and worked, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. The problem is that there are so many that continuously break the laws – which means that they’re in and out of the system.

At least in Florida, it’s now the law to require police officers to work with ICE so that the undocumented immigrants who have broken the law in other ways are now held so that ICE can work on bringing them into headquarters. From there, they will be deported back to their home country.

What the Democrats fail to realize is that Republicans aren’t cruel and heartless when it comes to the immigrants. However, if those immigrants are going to continue to break laws, ranging from armed robbery to assault, they’re going to get deported. We cannot continue to allow them to be released so that they can go back into the community and break some more laws. Hopefully, more states will follow suit with what Florida has done.