New Drug Found that Can Kill the Worst Bacteria

Sometimes accidents are the way that technology moves forward. It was in 1928 when Alexander Fleming discovered a bacterium that he left in his lab that ended up sprouting fungus.

Whenever that bacteria from that point forward came into contact with other fungi they would die. This is the story of how penicillin was discovered. Since that day millions of people have had their lives saved because of the discovery that Fleming had made.

But since that day bacteria have developed an immunity to penicillin to the point where it is no longer working for many patients. Humanity seems to be headed to a time when penicillin will no longer work.

But because President Trump has freed up enterprise and the human spirit to invent and research things it now appears that a new line of drugs is coming out that will turn the tide to resistant bacteria.

The epidemic is growing as it is estimated that 700,000 people die yearly as a result of the resistant bacteria. Experts are estimating that in the next 30 years that number can rise to 10 million people.

The super bacteria is killing people and there is no way to stop it. Except that human ingenuity with electronics may be up for saving the day.

President Trump has rolled back regulations that were put in place by the Democrats. These regulations have hurt the inventing spirit of Americans to the point that people were no longer trying to invent, but were rather looking for ways to feed their families.

But now that people are earning more they are free to invent. Experimentation with artificial intelligence is leading the way for computers to invent the next super drug.

MIT researchers have published a paper that states that their AI has used a complex algorithm to develop the next antibiotic. The new drug is being called Halicin. It is said to have killed dozens of bacterial strains that would be found on the World Health Organization’s list of deadly bacteria. The great news is that bacteria could not resist or develop a resistance to the new drug.

The algorithm was programmed to focus on 2,500 different compounds and determine which ones could safely be combined to fight bacteria and be safe for humans to consume. It did not take the AI long to figure out what would work. Halicin works hard to attack the cell membranes of the bacteria. It keeps them from producing energy which helps them multiply and mutate. This is why the drug is so effective because the bacteria do not have the chance to develop resistance.

It is being described as a drug that can be used to treat a wide range of bacteria. The medical team has tested the drug on petri-dish subjects and also in mice. What was found is just amazing because in one day the most resistant strain of bacteria had been beaten by Halicin. There is still a lot that has to be done before it can be released to the human population. But there is hope in the air for those that are sick with no way to treat them.

The development of the algorithm that found Halicin was small. As there are 1.5 billion compounds that can be scanned to develop new treatments. The group continues to test and research new mixes that they hope will be able to be used for making people well again. One thing they are hoping to do is create a drug that will kill the bacteria but will leave the good stomach bacteria alone.

The computers and the people working on them are hopeful that a new line of drugs will be out soon. They still have to work to get everything approved. There is also the issue of funding that they will have to find.

The other issue that does not deal with the development is just how far human ingenuity will take this discovery in medicine. Many are optimistic that computers will put humanity on a path to wellness that all started because President Trump has made the country great again.