New Hampshire Voting Reveals Americans Want Trump and Not Biden

The Democratic media wants people to believe that their liberal masters are more popular than they are. The polls that they put out are undeniably favorable to socialist Biden and Harris. Their stories are heavily in favor of liberal candidates and are full of lies regarding Republicans. The American people have stopped listening to the lies and are turning to more reliable sources for information about politics.

Voters are taking that reliable information to the polls and are voting Trump back into offices. That was first seen in two communities located in New Hampshire that are known to cast the day’s first votes. Those votes are then counted long before everyone in the nation wakes up.

Dixville Notch and Millsfield reported their results with predictive accuracy. There were votes for Biden and votes for President Trump. What was thought to be a Biden victory turned out to a Trump majority. The wake-up call is real. Joe Biden is not as popular as he thinks he is.

These two small communities all cast their votes for the Republican President. Liberals are going to see just how unpopular they have become in America by the end of election day. The liberals are going to see that their party is slowly becoming extinct.

President Trump is the favored hero of the nation. They love the fact that he has returned hope to politics. They love the fact that jobs have flooded back to American shores. And they love that the nation is more secure than it ever has been in the past decade.

The Democrats harmed America when Obama was the President. He took the nation to the brink of death by regulating things to the point that growth was suffocated. Obama pushed jobs to other countries and opened the nation to foreign threats.

These New Hampshire communities gave a picture of what is expected to be the expected outcome for the rest of the nation. There were 21 votes cast. Sixteen of those votes were for President Trump, and the other five were for Biden. The President clearly has a two-thirds majority in a state that typically goes blue every four years.

📍Millsfield, NH

The Birth Place of Midnight Voting, First in the Nation, has voted and have declared @realDonaldTrump as the winner 🇺🇸#nhpolitics #firstinthefield #LeadRight

— Emily Hottinger (@emhottinger) November 3, 2020

The communities are not always right, but they do give a glimpse of what people are thinking. Four years ago, the tiny towns wanted Hillary Clinton to win. But as the world knows, President Trump sent her back home to cry things out.

But now that they have seen the work of the President, those voters changed their minds. The ones that voted Democrat in 2016 turned their votes into Republican support in 2020. There is a noticeable shift in support for Republicans throughout the country.

The death of the Democratic Party is taking place. History books will record this moment in time as the time when liberals suffocated themselves to death. The Republican’s continuing to gain strength as more and more people speak out with their votes. People are tired of the lies and abuse at the hands of the liberals.

Joe Bien and Kamala Harris are not the favorite duos that they hoped they would be with people. These communities’ early votes give a great picture of the direction that the nation can expect for the next four years. People are voting for their freedoms.

President Trump has delivered on every one of those promises. The new ones that he has made are already starting to develop into realized gains. People love the freedom to choose their own destiny. They do not want to give up that right without a fight.

These tiny New Hampshire communities have been early voting for the past 60 years. Many times, they get it right, and only a few times are they shocked to learn that things did not turn out the way they thought it would. This time around, things are different.

Some of the voters that usually vote blue turned red. This is a clear indicator that people love what the President has done for them. He does not just do things for Republicans. He does things for all Americans because he believes that all legal citizens make America great. He just needed to empower them to realize their potential and then turn them loose.