New Jersey Trump Rally Holds Record Number of Democrats

You would think, based on the ongoing impeachment trials and the way the media portrays Donald Trump, that our President doesn’t really have that many supporters. But the crowds who showed up for his Make America Great Again rally in the deep blue state of New Jersey just proved otherwise.

According to Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale, over 158,000 tickets were sold. Thousands of those camped out in the streets for nearly 30 hours to make sure they got a seat inside the arena. 30 hours spent in cold winter weather, all for the chance to support a president they can believe in.

And contrary to what you might believe, it wasn’t just Republicans and die-hard conservatives in attendance. Parscale noted that of the nearly 160,000 individuals there, over 26% of them were registered Democrats. That means a little under 42,000 Democrats just went to support a GOP president.

Parscale could not have said it better: “Mind-boggling.”

Another 10.4% of attendees were those who had decided not to vote in 2016. And according to Parscale’s records from rallies elsewhere in the nation, this is right on par. In nearly every state Trump travels to, those who show up to meet and support him have some of the highest bipartisan numbers ever recorded.

But what might be even more shocking, at least to the Don Lemons of the media and far left, is that these people don’t look like Trump supporters. They are just average Americans, moms and dads, school teachers, police officers, dental hygienists, and small business owners. They are black, Asian, white, Hispanic, and so much more.

And yet, in liberal eyes, these people somehow transform into huge, scary, uneducated, racist monsters when they support Trump, touting violence and hate at every turn. They have even gone so far as to call this movement “Trumpism,” like it’s a cult or religion. Somehow, they think these people race to Trump rallies to worship and praise their leader or treat the man like he’s a god.

However, that isn’t exactly what was going on in New Jersey.

One Townhall columnist, Chris Stigall, got to experience this firsthand as he reported on the atmosphere within the waiting crowd in the Garden State. He even asked people there about the cult-like movement many thought this was. But their response said nothing of paying homage to a deity.

Instead, he says, “They came and waited to hear a president who speaks as they do, who talks to them, not at them. A man they know is flawed and imperfect – just as they are.”

According to Stigall, they said, “He’s real. He tells it like it is. He’s not a politician. He does what he says he’s going to do… He loves this country. He wants to return the country to the way it used to be. To make it okay to be proud of your country again.”

That’s what these people want. To be proud to be Americans again. They, like so many of our ancestors, simply have a hope of happiness, a dream to strive for it. There is no guarantee, and they don’t need one.

They just want to be able to live their lives in peace, building for a better tomorrow, and the right to defend that way of life. They don’t want a government that tells them when, how, and where to meek out a living. Nor do they want one that ridicules them for striving for their best, as Sanders and Warren would.

These people understand that we, as a nation, are not perfect, that there are mistakes to fix, just as every individual does. But we are not so broken that we need to throw out everything from our past and forget about all the great times in our history. Those moments of weakness and strength are what make us who we are, and we can grow and learn from them.

The left would see those failures in our past as proof that America as a whole is not worthy of our time or efforts. And that it would be much easier if we were to whitewash it all and start over. To create a new constitution, override immigration and criminal justice laws, and treat our citizens as though they were as crippled as ever.

But we can’t let that happen. If we do, what will all of our efforts have been for? We have to hope for a better tomorrow and that is precisely what Trump brings.