New Resolution Condemns China for Coronavirus

Well if the anti-American Democrats cannot work with the Republicans on saving the country at least they can agree that everyone hates China. At least that is what is being promoted in the House.

Both sides are working on a resolution that will effectively condemn China on the way it has handled the viral outbreak and the way they lied about it all. China has also tried to blame the United States and others for its deliberate coverup of a viral pandemic that is sweeping the world.

The majority of the support is coming from the Republican side, but a few Democrats are getting on board. Those that support the idea are tired of Nancy Pelosi’s distancing rhetoric and are starting to side with those who are right in some matters.

Support for the resolution is making an impact as something official needs to be said. China is pushing its deadly propaganda on the world with the hopes of pushing the blame on the United States.

The Chinese virus is the latest terminology that is upsetting the liberals and the Chinese. But there are a few Democrats who have seen the light regarding this issue. The vast majority of Americans will not take kindly to a political party that would side with another nation in their attempt to harm the United States.

The Wuhan area has been hit the worst so far. It is so bad there that the city has been on a two-month quarantine to stop the spread of the virus.

The resolution coming from the House states that China “made multiple, serious mistakes in the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak that heightened the severity and spread of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which includes the Chinese government’s intentional spread of misinformation to downplay the risks of the virus, a refusal to cooperate with international health authorities, internal censorship of doctors and journalists and malicious disregard for the health of ethnic minorities.”

There is some speculation that the Chinese were stealing secret technology from the United States by using operatives in America to funnel information their way. Several people have been arrested.

In one case, an operative was trying to steal biotechnology. But the Chinese will deny any of these facts. They are even denying that they forced a doctor to stay quiet about the outbreak in the Wuhan area.

The resolution even condemns China’s actions of arresting 1 million people and putting them into reeducation camps. The group they are targeting are the Muslims within the country.

The condemnation states “the detention of over 1,000,000 [Uighur] Muslims and other ethnic minorities in ‘re-education camps’, whose crowded and unsanitary conditions make the camps hotspots for viral disease and leave prisoners at an elevated risk of contracting COVID-19.” China may deny civil rights and human rights violations, but the reality of the situation shows a different story.

The push by the Chinese people to blame the United States is seen by the way they kicked out the American journalists. They painted a picture of China that was making them look bad, so they got rid of them.

Instead, the Chinese people are telling their made-up versions of the truth. President Trump is not taking any punches from China over these issues. He has made it clear that the expulsion of the journalists is simply ridiculous.

It is thought that is the Chinese people would have asked for help weeks earlier, the coronavirus would not be anywhere as bad as it stands today. The Chinese people lied about the intent and the condition of the virus. They tried to cover it all up and make others look like they had started the pandemic. The truth has been told and now it is being declared by a resolution from the House that China started it all.

China does things for its self-interests. Any trade bargains they agree to are made in their favor, except those brokered by President Trump. They seek to manipulate people into working for them.

But President Trump sees through all of their lies. And now it looks like the rest of the lawmakers are following his example and condemning China for their failures and deliberate acts of evil against the human race.