New York Democrats Plot to Deprive AOC of Her House Seat

One of the cheerful aspects of entering a new decade is the fact that the United States will conduct a census of all of the people living within the borders of the country. The task is mandated by the Constitution. Among other things, the results of the census will determine how many House seats each state will have.

The government has already released a preliminary estimate of which state loses House seats and which ones gain. To almost no one’s surprise, a bunch of blue states are due to lose seats and a number of red states will gain some. People insist on moving from states run by liberal Democrats to those run by conservative Republicans to escape high taxes, onerous regulations, and homeless people wallowing in the streets in their own poop and heroin needles.

New York, for example, is due to lose at least one House seat, perhaps more. Ordinarily, the development is the occasion of much wailing and gnashing of teeth on the part of New York’s political class. What is so great about Texas and Florida anyway? However, some Democrats in both New York and Washington see a silver lining in losing political clout, federal funding, and other perks of having population.

PJ Media explains.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be a rising star in the Democratic Party, but the district she represents could potentially not exist following the 2020 Census since New York is expected to lose as many as two House seats.

According to The City, nearly 47 percent of her district is foreign-born, and more than a quarter are not citizens—both are segments of the population that are often underrepresented in the census due to concerns of taking part in an official government count, and her district has a higher percentage than any other district. This could mean that her district could be divided up in reapportionment, meaning that she might have to face another incumbent to stay in Congress. Frank Luntz says that the state’s Democrats are actually looking to ‘draw out’ her district.”

Townhall notes that at one time President Donald Trump proposed adding a citizenship question to the census form. The proposal was howled down by Democrats on the theory that such a question would cause illegal immigrants to not turn in their forms, for fear of the knock at the door from agents of ICE. However, many people who are in the country illegally will be disinclined to be counted anyway. It turns out that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district has more than its share of noncitizens and illegal aliens.

Hence, as New York loses one or two districts, the temptation to crack apart AOC’s district and apportion those parts to other districts may be a temptation too great for the Democratic establishment to resist. Ocasio-Cortez, instead of sailing to reelection in 2022 as an incumbent, would be forced to go head to head with another incumbent, who Democrats will be careful to see is well funded and supported.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, no doubt, has often said – or at least thought – “Who will rid me of this meddlesome woman?” AOC has been a firebrand, demanding things like the Green New Deal which, while they appeal to a certain part of the Democratic base, are considered election losers by most people who run the Democratic Party from the formerly smoke-filled rooms.

Of course, all of those machinations would be unnecessary if Berne Sanders becomes president and he elevates Ocasio-Cortez to his cabinet as promises. However, most people in the Democratic Party leadership regards the election of the socialist curmudgeon from Vermont to the presidency as a low probability event. So, AOC’s removal by redistricting remains on the table.

The Intercept noted at one time that Ocasio-Cortez can run in the new district and confound everyone by winning. She has 100 percent name recognition and is electric on the stump. She surprised the country before by knocking out a long time Democratic House member who was part of the leadership to boot. She could do it again, suggests analysts.

However, AOC has another option.

“Another reason not to target Ocasio-Cortez would be Chuck Schumer. The Democratic Senate minority leader, and a major player in New York politics, is up for re-election in 2022. The commission redrawing the lines may be technically independent, but Schumer’s power is no secret. If Ocasio-Cortez were gerrymandered out of the House, she’d need something new to do — and primarying Schumer would be an obvious option on the table. That could make Schumer Ocasio-Cortez’s strongest advocate at the redistricting negotiating table.”

Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? That makes the possibility of President Ocasio-Cortez far less fanciful.