North Korea Doesn’t Want Another Useless Meeting With Trump

Kim Jong Un has been identified as a highly unusual politician. As the dictator for North Korea, he seems to like to be the one to call the shots regarding all forms of negotiation. Recently, Trump tweeted a message to the leader to say that he’ll see him soon. That’s when the Foreign Ministry adviser said that they’re no longer interested in meetings that are “useless to us.”

Perhaps that’s because North Korea doesn’t want to negotiate – unless it means bringing Kim Jong Un NBA basketball players to spend time with, something that he has requested on multiple occasions.

Since the US isn’t planning on sending any of the Chicago Bulls over to North Korea for a playdate with Kim Jong Un anytime soon, it’s harder to talk a language that the leader wants to talk.

The Foreign Ministry Adviser, Kim Kye Gwan, has said that the United States discussing an advancement toward the Korean Peninsula issue is a delay tactic. They don’t want to give Trump anything to boast about without getting anything in return. They want to get something from the US to be able to boast about, too.

As for what that “something” is, Gwan hasn’t provided any clues as of yet. Knowing North Korea, they want something ridiculous and extravagant that no country in their sane mind would agree to.

Trump tweeted to Kim Jong Un to urge him to reach a deal and to “act quickly” so that it could be done. This isn’t just for the benefit of the United States or to give Trump bragging rights, although the Dems would happily argue that point.

If North Korea can be made to be a little safer, taking nukes off the table, the entire world can be a little safer. The only reason that the US is even able to negotiate with Kim Jong Un is because Trump is taking a different approach. He’s not a politician. He’s a businessman. And Kim appreciates it.

However, relations with Kim Jong Un is and always has been fickle. Kim praised the relationship that he had with Trump in October, calling it “special.” He told state media that they have “trust in each other.” Despite talks collapsing between Washington and Pyongyang in Sweden earlier in the month, they had a good working relationship.

That seems to have changed with the shift of the wind. Now, diplomats and North Korea have said that negotiations were broken off because of the United States is unwilling to change their views. The State Department has disagreed with this, saying that there was a good discussion between the two sides.

Trump has taken a very different approach to North Korea than his predecessors. He has used a top-down approach regarding nuclear negotiations in order to solve a problem that has eluded many previous US administrations.

Although North Korea has expressed appreciation publicly for efforts made by Trump, they have criticized those around him due to their inflexibility. Kim gave a policy speech in April, identifying that the Trump administration had until the end of the 2019 calendar year to change their negotiating strategy.

With three meetings in 2018 and a summit in February 2019, there has been no joint agreement, particularly because Kim wants all US sanctions to be lifted from North Korea. In June of this year, Donald Trump became the first sitting US president to step into North Korea, meeting with Kim at the demilitarized zone.

It sounds like North Korea’s politicians have gotten in the way of negotiations, just like some of the US ones have. If Kim Jong Un and Trump could simply have a conversation without their administrations chiming in, there would likely be a deal reached much faster.

However, that’s not the way the countries can actually negotiate. This means that Trump’s administration needs to get on board with how Trump wants to approach North Korea. Further, if the Foreign Ministry adviser would stop referring to efforts to meet with them as useless, it would make it much easier to accomplish a few things.

In the meantime, following Trump’s Twitter profile will make it easier to know what’s going on in terms of North Korean relations. Maybe there would be better luck if they could just have a meeting courtside to a Bulls game.

Maybe then, Kim Jong Un wouldn’t see a meeting with the US as useless. He’d get to see a basketball game and Trump could secure some of the nukes away from the Asian country.