Not Wearing a Face Mask will Land a Person in Jail

The liberals in California just keep making things for people living in the state. The overreacting Democrats are now forcing people to wear facemasks.

Anyone that is caught outside without a facemask runs the risk of being thrown into jail for violating a public order to cover their face. The Democrats love looking for ways to make life hard for people.

The sheriff that warned people to cover their faces admitted that his department lost two deputies to the virus. This is a sad moment for the department and places a hole in the lives of all that knew them.

But the reaction to their deaths is one of violence as they are now going to take their frustrations of the deaths out on people in the public. They are essentially blaming people for their deaths because they do not cover their faces.

The Democrats react instead of thinking through their choices rationally. They think with their feelings which in turn gets them into all kinds of trouble. The residents of California have been subjected to all kinds of liberal craziness.

They have had their power shutoff to stop forest fires. They have seen their streets taken over by the homeless because the liberals do not want to spend the money required to give them help. And now they are being told to cover their faces.

The sheriff in question is Chad Bianco. He stated, “Right now, you could be a carrier of this virus, spreading it to your family and friends.” His reaction is designed to incite fear and panic. Everyone knows that there is a risk of spreading the virus.

But to tell a person they are infected and could be spreading it around just sends the wrong message to people. A person could have the flu or some other virus as well. Why not arrest them for those viruses.

The liberal craziness never ends in California. Law enforcement is being told that they can enforce the laws however they see fit. There is no guidance or instruction. They have given the power of force to the police.

This means that if an officer is having a bad day and gets a little rough with a person, then he can hide behind the restrictions and get away with their deed. There still needs to be some accountability behind the tighten rules to keep things from getting out of hand.

Bianco did state that there will not be any kind of checkpoint system set up to force people to comply. But who is to say that the idea is still not going to happen? He stated that “We will not be setting up any type of police state.

And this is not a declaration of martial law in Riverside County.” There will be those that will see this kind of reaction as a version of martial law. To force people to comply with orders is a form of martial law.

Riverside County residents also have to stomach the restriction that all gatherings except those living within a home cannot happen. On the tail end of this order came the wear a face covering.

So, everyone gets to walk around acting and looking like a bank robber. They are telling people to use their own clothing to coverup, but not to buy the one mask that would effectively filter the virus. They reason that they are in short supply.

The county health official stated that “Not everybody’s getting the message. It started with staying home, social distance and covering your face. But now we change that from saying that you should say that you must.”

What they said here is now residents are going to be forced to obey. This is an example of Democratic martial law. They strip a few freedoms away from people and then they simply add to them when people are used to the new normal.

The sheriff did add that people should not call in violations of the law. They just don’t want to have to answer the call-ins to their own ridiculous laws.