Notorious New York Times Hides Facts

Over the past three years, there has been more fake news reported by the New York Times than ever before. The Times also twists the facts of stories to produce the desired effect of emotion that they are looking for.

In every instance, the Times tries to get a hateful reaction against the president. They are a Democratic puppet that does their bidding. Even when they have the chance to do the right thing they refuse and bury the truth so it does not get out into the public ears.

The story that the New York Times fakes this time is with regard to an activist living in the Houston area. He is a person that has worked on behalf of people that believe they are being treated harshly with no cause.

In this case, it all has to do with the ICE raids and immigration laws that are hitting the news lately.

The New York Times wants people to believe that President Trump is targeting illegally people that are actively speaking out against immigration reform and many of the policies that he has changed in the past three years.

The story that the Times wants people to believe is so well put together that many will believe it unless they check the facts about what is going on behind the scenes that warrant this person being deported.

Roland is the activist in question. He has a passion to help people and to see that their voice is heard to Washington. What he wanted to do was keep the community of Houston from going crazy because ICE was conducting raids in the area.

So he wanted to educate the public on what they could do and what they could not do when confronted by ICE agents.

Sounds good except Roland does not belong in this country any more than the next illegal person. But the New York Times would never tell their readers that bit of truth because it would kill the fake story they are trying to pass off as truth.

The Times hates ICE because it is owned by the Democrats. And the Democrats hate ICE because they hate Trump.

Roland wanted ICE and public officials to come and answer questions about the raids. But what ends up happening is he is found to be in the country illegally and now he is being deported.

Roland was a criminal that was trying to make what he was legal by fighting the laws of the land. But the Times wants to paint him as a victim of some Republican coverup operation fit for only being viewed in fictional movies in the theater.

The New York Times is trying to play on the emotions of the American people hoping that they will vote Democrat in 2020.

They want people to believe that the Republicans are the evil ones, and they are the nice ones. But their cover has been blown. Roland has been the one to blow that cover.

The Times wants to make a criminal out to be a hero and a martyr. But the truth is that he is in the country illegally. The news outlet sets him up to be a hero by showing all the good things that he is doing.

As if all the good things will how to make it possible for him to stay in the country as a legal citizen. But he is not. And he has never been for the past 15 years that he has lived here.

For years, he has been operating a business. And one can only imagine if he has been paying taxes. Most illegals do not pay taxes.

The Times wants people to believe that President Trump sent ICE to his home to remove the man from what he was doing. Well, the truth is that the Roland called ICE to himself.

This is what most liberals do eventually is that they turn themselves in and expose all the illegal things that they are guilty of. Some people wonder why Hillary Clinton is not in politics today.

Well, she has been caught doing illegal things and now she is trying to stay in the shadows to avoid prison time.

Roland wanted people to not be afraid of ICE when they come around. But now they do not have to be afraid because they have removed all the illegals from their neighborhoods.

Roland and the Times are examples of the kind of crimes that the Democrats are guilty of.