Obama Era Special Counsel Falsified Information

In a trial starring Greg Craig this past week, both sides of the court case had completely different stories about how he handled information of a sensitive nature. The former Obama White House counsel has been charged with lying to the investigation team.

He lied about his role in promoting the report that dealt with how Ukraine prosecuted its former Prime Minister. The country had changed its Prime Minister with corruption and other crimes. All of this was brought to light once the Mueller report was released.

Craig had failed to observe the Foreign Agents Registration Act. This law requires that all people that work for a foreign government must register and declare the work with the Department of Justice.

Craig was working on public relations details that were being done by the devilish Democratic attorney called Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, and Flom. Craig was working under Obama and was never charged with anything until his illegal activity came out once President Trump got into office.

Manafort was the other person involved in this highly illegal activity. He was found out by Mueller to be guilty of tax fraud and banking fraud. What is interesting is that had the devilish Democrats kept their mouths shut about falsely accusing Trump, then these liars would have never been discovered.

The Democrats are their own worst enemy. They reveal their criminal activities when they falsely accuse people of wronging. They truly are deceptive and double-minded idiots.

Molly Gaston is the Assistant U.S. Attorney had stated that Craig “schemed, falsified, and concealed” information when the investigators came looking for the truth. Craig deliberately hid documents that would have incriminated himself and others for violating the registration act.

Crazy Craig is like a little kid that hides the truth because he does not want to get caught for being naughty. No matter what a person thinks it is still illegal to lie to investigators and deliberately mislead to protect guilty friends.

Those that are defending Craig tried to downplay the truth by claiming that he simply lied about important details. But lying is a crime as it relates to an official investigation. Every other person that has ever lied to law enforcement has gone to prison.

Craig is not the exception to this rule. This just goes to show that the Democrats believe that they can lie and be involved in illegal behavior. But when someone else gets caught they want to incriminate that person to the full extent of the law. But when they get caught it is no big deal.

Craig was told that writing the report would be fine but it was not because it was doing work for a foreign country. There is no exception to this rule. He could not write the report and do the public relations work.

He would need to register the work with the Department of Justice. But like a good devilish Democrat, he believes that he is above the law. His actions to try to hide the work were an attempt to hide Manaforts’ guilt. But now he is paying the price for his willful decision to lie.

Craig and the Democrats are proven, liars. They cannot be trusted with anything related to running America. They lie to the people of the United States regularly for their wealth and gain.

These criminals are part of a bigger problem within the Democratic Party. The devils on the left in Washington do not care about anyone but themselves. When they are finally exposed for the frauds they are, they want to downplay the importance of obeying the laws of the land.

Obama had a lot of illegal activities that happened under him during his presidency. As their leader, he needs to be held accountable for what was happening under him. Even Clinton is suspect or her illegal actions while serving under Obama.

He had to have been aware of what Craig was doing. He had to have known what was happening. Obama should have done the right thing and fired Craig for his actions but sadly the Democrats believe that they are above the law.