Ocasio-Cortez Makes False Claims Against Israel

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has chosen the side of the enemy and stands as a traitor to her own country. She has agreed and says that Israel is the criminal nation in the way it treats the Palestinians.

She has stated that they have no other choice but to riot against Israel to get what they want. Cortez is an ignorant person who does not know the full story let alone the true motive behind the Palestinian people.

The Palestinians are looking to destroy Israel and kill every Jew in the area. They believe that Israel should not exist, and they will do anything they need to gain support from gullible people like nasty Cortez.

The Palestinian people secretly attack Israel with rockets and other devices which in turn causes Israel to destroy military compounds in the Palestinian areas. The Palestinians will then play the victim card hoping that people rally to their side. Cortez has been duped into believing that they are the sad little victims mistreated by the mean Israelis.

Israel is a wonderful place and gracious people. They always welcome peaceful outsiders into their country without trouble. But when terrorist attack and seek to destroy innocent people their military attacks the terrorists and never target civilians.

Israel has to erect a wall around the borders to keep the bad people out. The nation is located in the sea of other nations that would love to destroy the country. But Israel takes great care to keep that from happening.

Cortez believes that Israel is the enemy. She would see that they are treated the way that Nazi Germany was decades ago. This is a sad position for her to be in because so many people love Israel in America. Cortez and her band of outlaws are enemies of Israel and enemies of the United States.

They all see America and Israel and Russia and Saudi Arabia all working together to destroy people around them. This is their deluded world. They are so narrow-minded and stupid that they believe the lies floating around in their little heads.

To stand up and say that Israel is a white supremacist nation that murders innocent people are to completely miss their long history.

Israel has always been the nation that everyone else hates until modern times when America and a few other nations have rallied with Israel to support the existence of the nation. The thought that a Jew is a white supremacist is a contradiction in terms and beliefs.

Cortez believes that Israel is mistreating Palestinians for no good reason. Except the Palestinians brought it on themselves when they try to bomb Jewish homes and people. Israel responds by not allowing them into Israel for work.

In all reality is the Palestinians are so mistreated they why do they work in Israel? They could just focus on building their nation with the land they have. But at the core of their beliefs is that all Jews must die. Something that is at the core of the freaky AOC.

Cortez likes to claim that her beliefs about Israel are just political and against the Israeli government. No one can separate the two. Politics are built on beliefs and when she says she hates Israel she means all Jewish people.

Cortez also likes to blame the conservatives in America and call them criminals too in their support of Israel. However, Cortez supports known terrorist organizations that would seek to kill westerners and Jews both.

The real criminal and traitor are Cortez. She has turned her back on the American people. She has joined with the enemy and should be sent over to join their ranks. Cortez likes to hide her beliefs under the banner of human rights.

But that alone is one-sided. What about the way Israel is attack and innocent civilians are killed every day. She fails to acknowledge that point. Israel never targets civilians only the terrorists and the military compounds. Something that Cortez should consider when she speaks out against Israel and their allies.